Liu shiwen’s conditions for the World Table Tennis Championships do not depend on the team competition, but on ITO mimato

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Some fans thought Liu would be able to compete in this year’s team World Table Tennis Championships in Chengdu after seeing her good performance at the just-concluded Macau tournament.In fact, there is no problem for Liu Shiwen to participate in the competition. The key problem is what kind of positioning for Liu Shiwen?If let Liu Shiwen as the world table Tennis championships leading players, must assume the first singles.To know the team world Table Tennis Championships but no doubles events, all singles.As veteran Liu Shiwen if the competition, the country ping to this veteran positioning is soy sauce?That must be out of character.Veteran athletes are sure to be the anchor, just like Liu Shiwen was in the Olympics last year.In an interview before last year’s Tokyo Olympics, Liu shiwen said she wanted to set an example for younger athletes.In Liu shiwen’s opinion, Sun Yingsha and other young athletes have never participated in the Olympic Games. These young athletes have no experience in competition, and they have to rely on their own veteran at the critical moment.Liu shiwen’s performance at the Tokyo Olympics was widely watched by fans, some of whom attributed it to liu’s absence from the Olympic team event due to injury, and her inability to motivate younger athletes.But if you want to start the P-card program, the only reason is injury.No injuries, can start the Olympic p-card program?Athletes who choose to participate in the Olympic Games are well cared for by their team doctors.Since liu shiwen was allowed to participate in the Olympics, it means that we were prepared for all difficulties, including starting the P-card process.But participate in this year’s group world Table Tennis championships can not have this procedure, even if the player was injured in the competition, that can only be judged to lose, even if you say in advance injured not to participate in the same ground to lose a point first.If you don’t let Liu Shiwen as the first singles in the team competition, how to do the leading player?And how to give young players the ability to fight under pressure and experience?Of course, Liu shiwen’s fans insist on this reason. Now there are more outstanding Chinese ping players than Liu Shiwen?The somebody else in Macao event entered the final, why not let somebody else participate in the team world Table Tennis championships?This involves a most intuitive problem, the Macao Championship is only two or three foreign players to participate, basically can be said to be the Chinese table tennis team competition.The competition within the team is different from the real competition with our competitors, the Japanese table tennis players.Teammates are familiar with each other, there is no much competition pressure, losing is also very normal, players will not appear what the so-called psychological shadow.But when it comes to the real hand in hand with the foreign aid master, the competition pressure of that player is big.Especially with the Japanese table tennis players, the bottom line is not to lose.Some fans think that Liu shiwen can definitely beat ITO now, because Liu shiwen can beat Sun Yingsha.The key problem is that liu shiwen’s current technique system is just being restrained by the raw rubber players, rather than 1+1=2.In macau, Liu shiwen did not play against the raw rubber players, such as He Zhuojia and Zhang Rui, but the backhand bounce is very fast, which is the special skill of the raw rubber players.This is liu shiwen to overcome the short board, ITO play is the first three plate plus serve.ITO mei Cheng will not like the country ping teammates with Liu Shiwen to slowly fight each other, and Liu Shiwen’s short board is in the link of receiving high, as well as their service quality is not high, can not receive the problem of attack.ITO mei-cheng protect the table area is limited, it is impossible to fight with the Chinese table tennis players.Wang Man Yu why against Liu Shiwen process appears destroying, is in the first three boards to occupy the upper hand.Wang Man Yu can let Liu Shiwen eat serve through serve, serve more threatening Hayata Hina, ITO Mei makoto, in this link can directly let Liu Shiwen lose points, the two sides will not enter the process of multi-shot stalemate.In addition, the speed of the Table tennis players of Japan is generally too fast. Liu Shiwen’s speed convergence advantage may threaten her teammates to some extent, but the table tennis players of Japan cannot take advantage in this link.Fast speed has always been the inherent technical characteristics of Japanese table tennis players, both male and female.Therefore, there is no reference in the match between teammates, because the service of the Chinese table tennis players is generally not characteristic, and liu Shiwen can not form a direct threat in the link of receiving the service.Therefore, the prerequisite for liu Shiwen to participate in the team World Table Tennis Championships is whether liu Shiwen has the ability to challenge mimato ITO and Hina Hayata, the two Japanese table tennis masters.If guo Ping did not let Liu Shiwen as the first singles in the team World Table Tennis Championships to challenge ITO mimato, even if Liu Shiwen to participate in the little practical significance.ITO holds a record of two wins and one loss against Liu, having beaten liu in the 2018 team World Table Tennis Championships, also one against one.If Liu Shiwen does not go to war against ITO Mei Cheng, and how to prove their strength?After all, liu shiwen’s mixed doubles title had been snatched from her at the Olympics.Liu Shiwen as long as the team world Table Tennis Championships, that will go against the strongest opponent ITO Mei Cheng, because this is the real revenge of the war ah.If wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha are still allowed to compete with ITO, what is the meaning of Liu Shiwen’s participation in the team World Table Tennis Championships?After all, veteran players have participated in world Table Tennis championships many times in their careers. Why can’t China Ping train younger players?Like Chen Xingtong such players to participate in the competition, the strength will be worse than Liu Shiwen?So to measure the comprehensive strength of a player, or to see the player’s ability to play outside and the ability to play against the wind.In particular, Liu Shiwen is still unable to prove himself in playing against the wind, which should be strengthened.Do not know the majority of fans how to see friends, welcome to leave a message to discuss.Pay attention to jiro shenkan ball, bring you different life perception and thinking.Copy the road of Wang Man Yu, Chen Xingtong shoulders the expectation of the fans, affect the table tennis pattern to maintain hunger, Fan Zhendong should be like Wang Chuqin, although ordinary but strive to understand more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Jiro shenkan ball