Ubisoft distributed NFT to employees and held workshops to address their concerns

2022-08-21 0 By

Ubisoft’s ongoing NFT project is not only confusing and confusing to the gamer community, but also to the company’s developers.Ubisoft held workshops to address the concerns of skeptical employees and gave them NFT.They handed out special NFT to the Ghost Recon team to “celebrate” the series’ 20th anniversary, with one employee saying, “We hate the cryptocurrency.”And Ubisoft said, “Ok, get some.”Last week, a Ubisoft executive said in an interview that players reacted negatively to the company’s NFT because “they don’t get it.”His comments were met with derision on social media and even from some within the company.”They don’t get it” was also the tone of team Quartz’s recent internal Q&A in response to sceptical staff, a source said.(Quartz is the name of Ubisoft’s recently launched proprietary encryption platform)