Why do Chinese people fall in love with the bitter taste of tea

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“Bitter” is one of the five flavors of Traditional Chinese medicine (sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty), and its most significant feature is its extremely low threshold.For example, quinine can be tasted at 0.005%, or 50 micrograms in 1 litre of water.In our daily diet, common food such as bitter melon, lily, etc., drinks such as bitter ding, chrysanthemum, etc., these bitter things, people’s instinct is to reject.The underlying taste of tea is bitter.Because tea polyphenols are the core substance of tea, although tea contains amino acids and other fresh and sweet substances, but the core is bitter.It is a lie to say that people like this bitter drink from the beginning. Ignorant children can try it with a little tea, but he will definitely refuse.This is why teenagers prefer Coca Cola to tea.Before tea became a custom, people instinctively rejected it.Frontier minorities drink tea, which is boiled with milk and sugar.West Asia, North Africa tea will add mint, spices, sugar and other drinks, essentially can not accept its bitter.So why do The Chinese tolerate the bitter taste of tea?The bitter taste in tea soup is mainly caused by polyphenols and caffeine in tea anthocyanins.TCM pharmacology about bitter into the heart, can reduce fire, dry dampness, heat and detoxification.”Tea, bitter and cold, is the best way to reduce fire.The fire of heart, lung, spleen and stomach of young people with healthy stomach is abundant, so it is suitable for tea.”Bitter is the true taste of tea, but also the true taste of life.For the Chinese, tea is a taste of life.Tea has both the mottled colors of the world, but also the sour, sweet, bitter and hot life.Tea is like people’s own manifold life experience.The “green” of tea is not only the natural color of tea, but also the natural color of human life.The bitter taste of tea is the true taste of life.In this way, tea is meaningful and memorable.Tea, only into the boiling water, the whole body muscles and bones to stretch, to release their own energy and value, to send out the most rich fragrance of life.Good tea is always sweet after bitter, astringent.Life is always sweet and bitter overlap, the key to taste one by one, savor, always chewing slowly understanding.Sometimes the bitterest is when the fragrance is coming, and the sweetest is when there is bitterness hidden…Tea, from the beginning of the compatibility with other medicinal materials into a prescription, to the Tang Dynasty Lu Yu advocated only put salt in the tea soup seasoning.It was not until after Emperor Huizong in the Song Dynasty that tea was drunk in pure form.This also shows that until this time, the whole society tea drinking customs stabilized, the bitter taste of tea has gradually accepted, really become a hobby.In the Ming Dynasty, steaming green was widely replaced by stir-frying green. The taste of tea covered up the bitter taste of tea to a certain extent, making tea more acceptable to ordinary people.In addition, the use of modern tea making technology, green tea cooling, oolong tea shaking and other technologies, to some extent, reduce the bitter taste of tea, so that people are more acceptable.Taken together, tea is indeed bitter, but people are willing to accept it because of its certain functionality.In the course of its long development, the development of tea making technology improved its bitter taste.In addition, the amino acids and other substances of tea can indeed melt after the bitter taste, and gradually return to the sweet, giving people the pleasure of taste and spirit.In the process of using tea, people gradually form the dependence and habit of taste, forming a real sense of hobby, bitter has not been a problem.(Photo and text from Xiyuan Tea House)