A fishing boat in Yancheng was found to have a cluster of cases, and 17 of the 18 crew members were nucleic acid positive

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The Joint COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, Announced on April 7 that three people tested positive for nucleic acid at a centralized quarantine point on April 6, two of which were crew members of a fishing boat reprocessing salt.So far, 17 of the 18 crew members of the fishing boat have tested positive for nucleic acid, and another crew member is being quarantined.Yancheng is a prefecture-level city with the largest land area and longest coastline in Jiangsu province, facing the Yellow Sea in the east.A total of 15 positive nucleic acid tests were found among the crew of a reprocessing fishing boat on Tuesday, with six confirmed cases and nine asymptomatic cases confirmed. The remaining three crew members were immediately quarantined.According to the official release, the cluster of cases was caused by the crew’s contact with cases in other provinces (cities).From March 27 to 30, the fishing boat was in the waters of foreign cities, and the crew had dinner with three customers from other provinces (cities) who were confirmed positive on March 30.On 31 March, the crew took a small boat to the shore of the outer city for nucleic acid sampling. One of the fishing brokers aboard the boat was isolated in the outer city because of positive nucleic acid, and the rest of the crew returned to the fishing boat.From April 1 to 2, fishing boats returned to Huangsha Port in Sheyang County, Yancheng.Source: The Paper