Blain blain, long cure how to do?

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For acne skin, risk acne is very normal, sometimes long acne, do not take care of it or wipe a point acne cream what will also be good.But grow blain blain to be met indescribably sometimes back and forth, how protect skin won’t good, how does occurrence this kind of circumstance do?The reason that blain blain produces is very complex, long blain blain should divide clearly first is blain blain or hormone face small rash, perhaps oily skin thick horny blain blain or sensitive skin brings about blain blain.Different acne skin care methods are completely different.If it’s a rash caused by hormonal face or a pimple caused by sensitive muscles, fix the skin problem first and then consider improving the pimple.Perhaps the skin problem care, acne is also good.The blain blain that oily skin brings about is divided into the following kinds altogether: white head acne, black head acne, papule blain blain, nodule blain blain, pustular blain blain, cyst blain blain, no matter which kind of blain blain, the reason that blain blain produces is same, it is oil secrete flourishing, pore clog, bacterium breeds.Therefore, to improve acne, we must clean, replenish water, dredge pores, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, and regulate the balance of water and oil of the skin.Acne cure, acne root out, and then regular deep cleaning dredge pores, moisturizing oil control, pores are not blocked, will not grow acne.If you do not moisturize and control oil, regulate skin water and oil balance, clean and dredge pores, acne root is not discharged, acne will certainly attack repeatedly.If the nursing work is done, acne or repeated, at this time to consider the internal cause of the body.Improve acne is about to start from the life of food habits, try not to eat food that may lead to acne, do not stay up late, prevent pressure is too large, regular life, strengthen exercise.In addition, you can drink probiotics to regulate the intestines and stomach and prevent constipation. In general, pay attention to moisturizing oil control, cleaning and dreading pores, and strengthening sunscreen.In terms of life, eating a healthy diet, staying up late, having a good mood and exercising will reduce the chances of acne.Correct method of protecting skin plus inside attune photograph is united in wedlock, blain blain won’t go back and forth