Brake in time, the coachman walking down the street

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All along, Lao Wang was secretly proud of his “luck”.Until one day, the owner of the bookstore passed by Lao Wang’s house in a carriage and invited him to drive to the bookstore together. Lao Wang happily agreed.The driver’s driving seemed to be poor and he braked suddenly from time to time.The boss said helplessly, “A lot of people don’t look at the road at all. They just walk on their own. The carriages have to yield to them.”Just then, Lao Wang saw a young man running across the road. Fortunately, the driver stopped the carriage in time, or he would have knocked the young man over.When he got home from work, Lao Wang went to bed early for the first time. When the alarm clock rang the next day, he got up and calmly went to work, no longer in a hurry as before.His colleague was surprised and asked him why he suddenly seemed to be a different man. Wang said, “I always thought it was lucky that I ran amok, but I didn’t realize it until yesterday. It was all because the coachman could brake in time.”Behind the “luck” that makes us smug may be the tolerance and understanding of most people.The carriage walking on the street brings not only happiness, but also the sadness of family members.Pay attention to traffic safety, your family is waiting for you at home.