Galaxy S22 series debut, Samsung phone recovery password where?

2022-08-22 0 By

Just after the Spring Festival holiday, Samsung has unveiled its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S22.In the Chinese market, the popularity of Samsung mobile phones is obviously not comparable to Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi, but in terms of product technology, Samsung flagship mobile phones have always been the top of the industry.The specific parameter configuration “Nail Technology” is not much introduction, the next main analysis, Samsung mobile phone can use the release of a new generation of flagship phone, revitalize the Chinese market.In terms of probability, Nail believes Samsung has a chance to increase its market share to more than 5%.In The Chinese market, it is unrealistic to talk about market share without price.Galaxy S22 8+128GB version price 5499 yuan;The Galaxy S22+ 8+128GB version costs 7,099 yuan;The Galaxy S22 Ultra 12+256GB version costs 10,199 yuan.Considering the role of the flagship, this is not a high price.After all, the iPhone 13, which is relatively backward, starts at 5,999 yuan;Huawei’s 4G version, the P50, is also priced at 4,480 yuan.Of course, Samsung’s phone revival cannot be achieved by simply relying on price wars.In practice, price often plays only a limited role in restoring competitiveness at the top end of the market.According to Nail Technology, there is a market opportunity for Samsung’s mobile phones. After all, After Huawei’s absence in the middle and high-end market, Chinese local brands are unable to fill the position. Apple has become the biggest winner at present, but Apple should not have enjoyed this market alone.Samsung’s challenge is to recapture the minds of Chinese consumers.Galaxy S22 series has no problem in product competitiveness, the key is whether Samsung can increase resources in brand marketing.Samsung’s mobile phone marketing investment in The Chinese market is very large, both offline channel layout and online advertising, can be seen everywhere.But these days, Samsung’s phones have all but disappeared from public view, and the brand presence and temperature of Samsung’s phones are not felt.Such a change is actually the result of Samsung’s strategic adjustment.If we want to restore the glory of the past, in addition to the product technology to continue to give strength, brand marketing to increase resource investment, will be indispensable.But such strategic adjustment, need Samsung mobile phone to re-decide.In addition, “Nail Technology” believes that Samsung should also carry out more localized product layout for the Chinese market, especially the A-series products should cater to the preferences of Chinese young users in terms of function, price and culture, and become fashionable technology products with profound technology.In this regard, we can learn from Vivo and OPPO, the top two companies in the Chinese market.”Nail Technology” believes that Samsung mobile phone has a strong advantage of vertical integration of industrial chain, and has the successful experience and failure lessons of localized operation. At the moment of a new round of great changes in China’s smartphone market, it should make decisive decisions and increase resource investment, and can not miss the opportunity to rise again.(Nail technology original, reproduced be sure to indicate the source: nail technology network)