High school final review guide is coming, these “clever” quickly learn

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1 entering the year of 2022, the first big exam of the New Year of senior high school is coming. There is less than a month to go before the final exam of senior high school. How should senior high school students prepare for the exam?Xiao Sheng sorted out the review points before the final exam to help you improve your review efficiency and play better in the exam!NO.1 Language in the process of language learning, emphasis on the foundation, focus.Start from classical Chinese words, related words, reciting texts and other aspects to consolidate the necessary knowledge;Start with the use of language, understanding of texts, and reading classics to develop key skills.Read more, observe more understanding of life, really improve their Chinese core literacy, language sense, training thinking, improve their aesthetic taste and cultural literacy.Pay attention to society, pay attention to science and technology, pay attention to self, consciously connect their own learning with the development of society, the self-improvement and the construction of the motherland together.NO.2 Mathematics students in the following review, should pay attention to the concept, nature, formula and theorem of the essence of a deep understanding, knowledge questions complete construction.Return to the textbook, master the basic concepts, theorems, formulas, grasp their content, understand their meaning.According to the mid-term examination data analysis of the problems, timely adjustment, deficiencies.Limited time training, improve the speed of the problem, to ensure the correct rate.In view of each knowledge plate, analyze the classic questions from multiple angles, try to solve one problem and summarize the methods and skills of solving the problem.NO.3 In preparing for the English test, it is suggested that students consolidate their core grammar and vocabulary knowledge, and consciously train their ability to master vocabulary in the context.At the same time, pay more attention to the new test paper type, as soon as possible to establish their own practical problem-solving methods and strategies, reasonable allocation of time.Finally, reading should be normalized by reading articles on different topics and genres to cultivate “discourse awareness” and improve the overall reading speed.NO.4 physics in recent years the college entrance examination physics test topic is flexible, and the actual combination of close style.This requires students in the review process, to master the necessary knowledge, to consciously exercise their flexible application of knowledge to analyze and solve practical problems.No.5 Chemistry can be targeted to check the omissions and fill in the gaps. Element compounds should be focused on the details to form the knowledge system. The basic theory part needs to understand the chemical laws.We should find a suitable learning rhythm as soon as possible, gradually establish a complete chemical thinking in answering questions and exam-taking skills, analyze and solve practical chemical problems from multiple angles, comprehensively and systematically, and pay attention to the exercise of the basic language of the subject.No.6 Biology attaches great importance to the implementation of the curriculum standard, and through the review of large units and large concepts, the concept of structure and function, steady-state and balance and other life concepts are established.Through experimental analysis to cultivate scientific thinking such as induction and generalization, deduction and reasoning;Lay a good foundation in the review, temporarily not excessive pursuit of difficulty.In view of the problems in the examination, correct the review direction, improve the information acquisition and integration ability, language expression ability, logical reasoning ability, etc.NO.7 Political examination is not test knowledge, but test people, test students how to use the knowledge to solve problems, test in this process to show moral cultivation, knowledge and thinking methods and other comprehensive quality.Avoid rote memorization, rote copy, pay attention to life, macro to pay attention to the national development strategy, major policies and Beijing’s development, such as the spirit of the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee;Micro to pay attention to personal life, such as science and technology, social development opportunities, learning with society, national construction, personal growth.NO.8 History deepening the understanding and application of historical materialism;Pay attention to the cultivation of their own historical space-time concept;Understanding the basic viewpoint and method of historical materialism can apply historical materialism to the study and exploration of history, improve their theoretical insight, and advance the historical review from the perceptual stage to the advanced stage of rational understanding.Think and summarize frequently, pay attention to improve their divergent thinking, pay attention to multi-angle and multi-level analysis of problems, deepen the understanding of knowledge, cultivate the depth of thinking, and carry out targeted exercises.Students who have advantages in geography learning should pay more attention to the improvement of disciplinary literacy, and pay attention to the overall grasp of knowledge, to form a correct logical relationship;At the same time, we should form the consciousness of solving problems and be able to face the real situation. We should pay attention to the space-time scale from the perspective of geographical literacy and regional characteristics, make targeted explanations and put forward measures according to local conditions.The final exam of the first semester of senior three is followed by a model. The exam of senior three is particularly important for examinees. In each exam, weaknesses in personal knowledge are found and then deficiencies are quickly checked and filled.Avoid learning unclear, unclear goals, content less planning and implementation is not in place and other problems, I believe that every student can get good grades.