It is the “princess” of Yunnan, born not afraid of cold, 20 degrees below zero can bloom, but bold start

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Flower is a part of our lives, it can give people physical and mental enjoyment, everyone dreams of their own balcony, small yard into a garden, planted on a wide variety of flowers, let a person never leave home can enjoy the beautiful flowers, as temperatures down, a lot of flowers have already entered the dormant, not in the growth and flowering, make cold winter much a boring,But there are also a lot of flowers are not afraid of cold, can meet the wind and snow bloom, designed for winter and born, flowers, orchids as a noble and elegant representative, it is not only beautiful but also because of a lot of species, can bloom four seasons.About orchids in China, the earliest can be traced back to the qin dynasty, was only dignitaries and imperial family can see, belongs to high-grade potted flowers, as time precipitation, people living standard rise, orchid still is a representative of the high-end flower pot, but it goes into the ordinary common people, today give you this orchid its appearance level high,Having “orchid princess” good reputation, golden color dazzling, in the sunshine below the shine of the unusual beauty is yan fully, like a piece of gold glittering, such open product, make a lot of orchid experts are surprised to its hair, praise nature “as if done by extraordinary workmanship”.The orchid flowers like a fist, open very elegant atmosphere, keep a tree in the home, can make the bedroom decorate glittering, expensive gas, its long blossoming, can both winter and spring season every year, naturally afraid of cold, cold in winter, flowering more instead, so a lot of friends and flowers have called it “wild flower”, so below zero,It is our leading role today — the golden princess orchid, a very noble orchid, we will understand it in detail.Gold princess from yunnan’s ink is famous brand, integrating color, aroma, rhyme, elegant high-grade orchids, flowering after dust, has repeatedly won the orchid exhibition gold award, has the very high collection value and ornamental value, gold flower princess as the name implies, its design and color is gorgeous, is golden, the bud without noise and are very precious chypre,Since orchid to heart in the most honorable, and the highest value, it in the peak, has been sold for as much as 66 one thousand seedlings, value “a house”, make friends and many flowers and that is, as time precipitation, prices have to return to normal, the seedlings of less than one hundred yuan, although the price down, but the value is to grow, like flowers, can now before the price is cheap,Buy lots of them. You’ll never regret buying them.Smell the fragrance of orchids since ancient times is the best, with a “day of the first sweet” reputation, and the fragrance of orchids gold princess fully lived up to the orchid “day of the first sweet” reputation, it’s very good smell fragrance, fragrance lasting, can stay at home for a long time not scattered, belong to luzhou-flavor orchids, this kind of fragrance smell very comfortable, strong with flavour, thick and not strong,Presbyopic friends all understand, smell too strong rather cheap, princess gold orchid fragrance was just right, from the early buds open is emitting fragrance, wait until after all opened, spearmint its height, it is dry, there are still lingering fragrance in the bud, concerned friends can gather up, make it sweet bursa, carry also help sleep, have children, the old man is particularly suited to the LAN to smell the fragrance,It smells even better than a good perfume, with the strong aroma of old orchids and the sweet smell of fruit, and it’s really nice to mix the two together.Golden princess buds large, pattern like the palm of your hand, the single flower can reach more than 5 cm in diameter, this pattern is one of the best in Chinese cymbidium, it can blossom in winter and spring each year, flowering, 200 days a year or so, there is enough time for people to enjoy flower, moran Ye Zi and blade is one of the best in the orchids, golden princess belong to Chinese cymbidium, blade nature is beautiful,Even without flowers, its dark green leaves, the very glossy, leaf kind quality of a material is very good, can always stay consistent, it is not only beautiful flower leaves, and maintenance is very simple, own genetic quality, seedling root thick, growth rate is the fastest in the orchids, love high survival rate of germination, can be said to be no defect, not strict with water,As long as it is to master the principle of 3 points wet 7 points dry, pot soil can choose to raise orchid special soil, surrounded by moss used to moisturize, it has strong cold resistance, freezing dead below zero, born not afraid of cold, very good to raise good living, suitable for beginners to raise orchid.Golden princess is a good time to blossom in winter, and now can enjoy flower and wen xiang, its color, shape and scent is perfect, is almost zero defect, Ye Zi elegant atmosphere and match the bud, make the whole family wealth and good luck, also do not break decorous qi, can reflect master extraordinary taste, the old gardener was almost every basin, can add atmosphere for the festival,For those who like to smell fragrant bounty flowers, do not miss this orchid.