It’s good to be a loser in the New Year

2022-08-22 0 By

The year of the ox is so farewell with us big guy son, do not know you have spent a year of bull-like coaxing, or spent a year of breathless lament oneself is simply a cow?The Year of the Tiger is coming. No matter what kind of year of the Ox you have spent, when you speak of words related to the tiger, you will be full of energy, as if the New Year will be a tiger and tiger. Right?Za nature must say auspicious speech festival holiday, the author give readers first happy New Year, I wish you all good luck in the year of the tiger ah ha ha ha. [laughter] it about New Year ah, really want to have any real good, I think nothing is more important than physical health, can eat can sleep is f ~ recently took advantage of the New Year’s day, I have a lot of old friends and I pulled visited me son,Greetings are inevitable, of course, also want to talk about each other’s situation, one is to exchange interesting things to talk about, the second is to ask each other a comfort.So talked about a circle found that at the beginning of the university together with high spirited young men and girls are now all fall in the rising bucket of rice management rut, and this rut just like a besieged city, to say who consciously helpless depression, outsiders often seem to praise it.Often with old friends laugh said: my generation, such as no promise, the New Year can not be so!But on second thought, this world, who is not a mix of food when satisfied?Into the office clock in, sit the library code word, said to some institution is city white-collar go-getters, don’t say not nice some is some by a scrap of wood is just I want to quiet quiet people this life, usually is to undergo self-confidence to swell to inferiority to wither son shrinkage process, this process even again. I do not know how many times, if who really jump out of the loop,It is interesting, in all probability, to be indifferent and detached from existence, a state which has produced many unexpected joys of life, which, when examined, are quite mysterious.It is also because of the impermanence of the world, I just want to pursue the world of insight, in the process of so coming and going, people will slowly have a practice.Still, it’s a good idea to be a loser until the great wisdom arrives, don’t you think?