JVC HA-FW1000T Real Wireless Earphone

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Talk about JVC HA-FW1000T.In fact, I bought this earphone when it was just released. The reason why I shared it now is that it has compatibility issues with iQOO7 in my hand.For this matter and Vivo customer service toss and toss for more than a month, catch the Log;Compare with other VIVO phones to capture Log;I tested it with different iQOO7 and even lent headphones to a local customer service engineer…… for a few daysAfter some twists and turns, it was confirmed that the iQOO7 wasn’t compatible with the headphones.As for the other devices in my hand, they are perfectly normal.Samsung S8+, iPad Pro 9.7, mini5, iPad Pro 2021, IQQO Neo3, as well as iBasso DX220Max and feiao M15……There were no compatibility problems.Write this paragraph in the front, help iQOO7 users avoid pit.Aside from this minor issue, the JVC FW-1000T is a really good wireless earphone.1. As a real wireless earphone, it is equipped with the wood diaphragm which JVC is proud of for the first time.As a true wireless headset, it is equipped with K2 technology for the first time.New mask mode, which can be used to correct the ambiguity of the voice when wearing a mask.6. IPX4 waterproof above is the content I am interested in. In addition, spiral point Pro earplug, environmental sound function, Victor Studio professional tuning, true wireless mirror technology seamless switch between one and both ears, voice assistant activation,27 hour battery life……As you can see, the engineers wanted to make the JVC FW1000T into a bucket machine with no shortcomings.Appearance The charging bin and earphone of THE HA-FW1000T are made of polymer material with a frosted surface. The inside of the top cover of the charging box is filled with inert sponge to protect the earphone.The headphone body adopts a polymer cavity + wood textured panel, which is smaller in appearance than the recently released XC-91T. The size of the headphone back cavity is also more friendly for users with small auricle.The contour of the front cavity of the earphone conforms to the auricle of most people, bringing users good matching fastness and comfort.The wood textured trackpad used in the earphones follows the design elements of wood diaphragm earphones, which is easily reminiscent of FW1800 and other classic wood diaphragm products.FW1000T is JVC’s first real wireless earphone equipped with wood diaphragm sound unit. It adopts the same specification technology as JVC high-end wired earphones. Each side has a 11mm large diameter wood ball top + carbon coated PET diaphragm moving coil unit.The diaphragm is made of wood with high sound propagation speed and excellent vibration attenuation characteristics.The sound unit is secured with a stainless steel housing to effectively reduce resonance.The engineers have trained the FW1000T to provide a rich display of detail and real space expression.Of course, this diaphragm is not without its drawbacks, which I will elaborate on in the sound section.I have experienced THE JVC K2 Bluetooth line in a few years ago, bluetooth protocol and bandwidth than the current BLUETOOTH5.2 still have a certain gap, but K2 technology on the improvement of sound quality has given me a very deep impression.Now, JVC is using this technology in real wireless headphones, which is one of the main reasons I’m personally interested in the FW1000T.K2 technology is JVC’s unique digital high sound quality technology jointly developed by Victor Studio engineers with advanced equipment and technology from Japan and JVC audio equipment technicians.The technology can be compressed, degraded digital audio source of high frequency band, micro signal expansion processing, in order to reproduce the quality of the original high resolution sound quality.The JVC FW1000T recognizes the type of codec and processes the sound signal on the headphone side, so it can improve the sound quality to be close to the original sound without relying on the connected machine.Like the XC-91T, the JCV FW1000T uses Qualcomm adaptive Noise reduction technology in addition to the two-microphone hybrid active Noise reduction technology.While JVC doesn’t talk about noise reduction in terms of technical details like SONY and Bose, in practice, the XC-91T and FW1000T both perform very well in noise reduction.Personally, at least, it’s a match, and before I bought the FW1000T, the XC-91T was my go-to noise-cancelling device on the road.Flying it over a few times and sitting close to the engine reduced engine noise significantly.When played with music, it is almost impossible to smell.I have also worn the FW1000T several times on high speed trains and buses, and its ability to eliminate noise on the tracks and in the carriage space is very noticeable.Because you can monitor the wearing status of the earphones at any time, the system automatically adjusts the noise reduction effect even if the FW1000T is tilted, so that users can obtain good noise reduction effect anytime and anywhere.The FW1000T also comes with a spiral point PRO silicone sleeve for enhanced passive noise reduction.The user can also turn on the noise reduction function when talking, so the conversation can be smooth even in a noisy environment such as outdoor.Sound JVC FW1000T maintains the unique sound characteristics of JVC wood diaphragm earphones —– thick, rich, full of energy and emotion, of course, in the tone he is more natural than FX1200 these early wood diaphragm products.In my opinion, it is also some of the shortcomings of early wood diaphragm products.For example, the low frequency is slightly blurred at the beginning of the sound, but it still takes a while to settle in (at least in my hand).I connected the iPad to play on a loop when I was free, and the problem improved over the weeks.Secondly, the FW1000T’s two 11MM wood diaphragm units are inefficient and require strong driving force to achieve excellent dynamic performance.With different phones and tablets, the volume should be adjusted to around 70%.When I use professional players such as FiiO M15 and iBasso DX220 MAX, the low frequency cohesion and resolution power are significantly improved compared to mobile phones.Properly driven, the FW1000T should be the ceiling of TWS sound quality, delivering a burst of low frequency and musical emotion while delivering excellent clarity across the spectrum.The FW1000T’s sound field performance was more scientific and less cramped than the FX1200 I had heard before.The headphone’s slightly rich mid and low frequency atmosphere is often intoxicating, and this slightly aggressive tuning is rare in the 2,000 yuan price range.The voice is mellow and delicate, bright and pleasant, with good lines and permeability.No matter with mobile phone or player, classical guitar, viola these instruments can show a very pleasing overtone, this overtone mixed with the characteristics of wood vibrane, strong solid foundation more than a bit of playful fluffy.Not necessarily more pleasing than iron, but very tasty.Although full-bodied, the FW1000T is no exception when it comes to vocal expression. Listen closely and you’ll find that the FW1000T has a lively and appealing range of vocal expressions.This pair of earphones often give people the illusion of the main hit low frequency direction, because of its style.But if we listen to some Musical Instruments alone, such as piano and violin, it is easy to feel the charm of high frequency.I tried It on NOELIA RODILES’s THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, and it was so strangely romantic that THE sound was ethereal and crisp, and THE overtones were so well controlled.It did not lose the classical warm temperament of music, used to listen to Gould’s “Goldberg Variations”, simple warm jump bright and gorgeous notes, few real wireless headphones can show this kind of time through the classical temperament.If you have a reliable bluetooth output on your phone, the sound you get with the FW1000T will be amazing.In the end, the FW1000T gives us a sense of what JVC is doing to the wireless audio market. Engineers are trying to put K2, wood vibrane and other brand technologies into this product, and give it a noise reduction level that can compete with top-tier brands.In addition, the FW1000T’s accessories are no exception, with the upgraded Spiral Point Pro earbuds providing superior sound quality and noise reduction.But FW1000T there are requirements for thrust, in front of the post a few weeks, I’ve been with vivo X70 Pro is used, it is well known that the mobile phone bluetooth will involve the issue of compensation level transmitter, vivo cell phones really do very well in terms of the underlying, bluetooth output strong, relatively clean and has good finishing touches to the sound, that way,The FW1000T’s overall sound is excellent.I personally recommend that you try to use it with a bluetooth output device.In addition, iQOO7 users can give up decisively. For some reason, they are at odds with each other.