One mountain can not be two tigers, lie down?

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Big news last night, Russia pulled some of its troops back from the border with Ukraine.As soon as this was announced, Russian stocks soared, Europe rose, the United States stock index rose, the global jubilation, gold, crude oil diving, this is another familiar story?Affected by this, today’s Shanghai and Shenzhen both high open, after the opening shock up, not too much can not help, high fall, weak shock.Stocks in the two cities rose more fell less, more than 3500 stocks rose, nearly 1000 stocks fell, the median rise and fall continued to recover to +1.44%.Theme speculation, hot spots and miscellaneous, there are common prosperity, Hangzhou Asian Games, industrial machine, vocational education and so on, among them, big infrastructure plate is the strongest today, set off the limit tide.Just today, there are a lot of garden decoration stocks in the infrastructure plate trading limit, different from the previous simple construction engineering stocks, before the garden decoration and real estate is closer, the trend behind, the increase is not big.The number of stocks increased to 80+, down limit non-ST stocks for 0, sealing board success rate continues to remain at about 70%, the market heat has increased.The turnover of the two cities reached more than 800 billion, compared with the last trading day to continue to reduce nearly 30 billion, continue to shrink the case, today’s rebound significantly weakened a lot.In terms of northbound funds, net selling of 1.6 billion today, Shanghai stock Connect turned to small net buying today, while Shenzhen Stock Connect continued to maintain a net selling trend.Disk, the track stocks across the high fall, the end of the value of blue chip and take advantage of the momentum on the blunt.One mountain is difficult to accommodate two tigers, the track and value of ups and downs, and there is no particularly big fluctuations.On the whole, the current economic growth pressure is great, the overseas market is still unstable, and the market as a whole presents a structural market.General market because of the volume of energy, and went into a high fall.Despite a rise of nearly 3, 500 homes, this general rise seems to have flattened everyone out, feeling bored and uninspired.Whether there is volatility in the index, plate or individual stock, there needs to be capital support behind it. Capital is the power and driving force of the stock market.When there is no money to trade in the stock market, the whole market is a backwater, absolutely no activity, and no strength to pull up.Yesterday, wuxi Apptec released results, 2021 revenue of 22.90 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 38.5%;Net profit was 5.10 billion yuan, up 72.2% year on year, with strong growth in both revenue and profit.Among them, chemical business revenue accounted for 61.5%. CDMO was carried out smoothly and increased by 50% year-on-year in 2021.The company expects revenue growth in its chemical business to nearly double in 2022 compared to 2021.The revenue of domestic new drug r&d service department is 1.25 billion yuan, accounting for 5.5%. Even if the innovative drug business goes to zero this year, it will have little impact on the revenue.It is estimated that the revenue in 2022 will reach about 37 billion yuan, corresponding to the current valuation of 37, and the price is reasonable.However, the real concern is still the risk of sanctions by the United States. Although the sanctions may not be substantial, institutional funds may consider avoiding risks.In addition, lixun Precision announced its entry into new energy yesterday, which means that big companies in the consumer electronics sector are likely to enter the automotive sector in the future.The electronization of mobile phone and automobile is not particularly big difference in the manufacturing field, so Lixun precision can do, The United States can also do, the future Goer, Lansi can do.As soon as these contract companies get out of contract manufacturing and start to have some proprietary rights, then the valuations of the consumer electronics sector will rise dramatically.After all, the fruit chain in the past depended on Apple, and the company was strangled by others. If it enters the field of new energy vehicles in the future, the outlook will be very different.Berkshire Hathaway announced its latest quarterly results, which are the traditional 13F for U.S. stocks.The report briefly introduced the fourth quarter of the stock god position changes, quite a lot of accidents.Buying energy giant Chevron into the top 10 U.S. stocks has earned retail investors admiration.Founded in 1906 as a petrochemical company, Chevron is involved in every segment of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, marketing and transportation, production and sale of chemicals, and power generation, according to public records.Oil prices have surged to a seven-year high amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine.Chevron, the energy giant, is up 16.46% so far this year.In addition, also accurately add position Activision Blizzard.Activision Blizzard is the world’s leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment content and services, developing and distributing content and services on virtually all major game platforms, according to public filings.A few weeks later, the maker of games like World of Warcraft and Call of Duty announced that it was selling itself to Microsoft for $68.7 billion, the largest acquisition in U.S. technology history.If the Microsoft deal goes through, Buffett’s move to take an early stake in Activision Blizzard could make him a handsome profit.Notably, Berkshire continued its trend in the third quarter of 2021 by aggressively selling pharmaceutical stocks.Teva was liquidated, abbVie saw its stake slashed 79 per cent, Squibb 76 per cent and Royalty Pharma 34 per cent.By the end of the fourth quarter of 2021, the top 10 positions totaled 89.54%, further increasing concentration.Total holdings of the target total up to 46, relatively scattered.For certain stocks with high growth value, such as Apple, Buffett dares to hold large and concentrated positions, accounting for nearly half of his portfolio.Bank of America, American Express, Coca-Cola and Kraft Heinz rounded out the top five.The 36 stocks that are not in the top 10, for a total of 12%, have no more than 1.5% each, which has little impact on the overall portfolio.