Property fees rise and rise again Lighting fees are charged by area residents question: Are these practices appropriate?

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Lanzhou Evening News “property fees rose three or four times, lighting fees from the household into the area of the collection, these practices appropriate?”March 14, yantan Hongyun garden part of the residents to our newspaper “reporter running” column reported that in recent years, the residential property fees continue to rise, lighting lighting fees are arbitrarily changed, the environment is messy.They have repeatedly complained to the relevant authorities, but there has been no improvement.”Before June 2014, the property fee was 0.3 yuan per square meter, then it rose to 0.5 yuan, and from May 2020, it rose to 0.65 yuan.”Some residents said that before 2018, the residential lighting fee is charged by households, 1.5 yuan per month, in recent years, the property company is charged by the area of the house.It is understood that the complex has more than 260 households and no owners’ committee has been set up.Yue Xiansheng, the resident, told reporters that in accordance with the relevant provisions, the implementation of the market adjusted price of property service charges, by the owners, owners committee and property service enterprises to negotiate, determine the service content and specific charging standards.Did not set up in the neighborhood of the owners’ committee need to adjust the property service fee standards, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the the lanzhou city estate management ordinance, etc, can be held by the owner congress, set up temporary property management committee to discuss or directly to the owner for advice, clear new star service level and service fee rates.But after the property company of hongyun Garden district increases the property fee, the owners’ congress has not been held.Reporters see, there is dog excrement in the garden of the community, and not far away is two water pumps and reservoirs.Although the reservoir has been capped, sanitation needs to be improved.Gansu bonanza jinqiao property management co., LTD., head of ms zhao said: “in 2020, lanzhou city development and reform commission and city live built bureau joint assessment team will serve for two-star bonanza garden plot to assess village, there is no elevator to old residential property fee is RMB 0.65 per square meter, rising standards compliance, it is a pity that didn’t hold owner congress.”Lanzhou Lou Road lighting project management office staff said: “Lighting fees, there are properties of the community to charge, by the month or by square meters can;No property belongs to the “three regardless of” building, by Lanzhou Lou Road lighting project management office charge, no electronic door lighting fee of 2.1 yuan per month, with electronic door 2.5 yuan per month, the highest monthly not more than 2.8 yuan.Hongyun Garden district in accordance with the square meters of lighting fees in accordance with the provisions.”Lanzhou Daily all-media reporter Sun Jianrong Su Xiao statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: