What kind of breed is this: cheat over ex-girlfriend cheat now girlfriend again

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This article is transferred from: yangtse Evening News one person plays the role of many actors, take turns to cheat his ex-girlfriend, current girlfriend, cheated more than 300 thousand yuan.Jiangdu police after the preliminary deployment, will be sleeping in the hotel Zhang captured.In the face of the police show another conclusive evidence, articulate Zhang mou gave up sophistry, confessed to his criminal facts.On The 5th, yangtse Evening News/Ziniu News reporters learned about the case.Zhang mou arrested small beauty: and former boyfriend resume contact, 180 thousand yuan did not Zhang Mou handsome appearance, articulate, has always been popular with women.He usually seems to be very busy business, constantly on business trips, in and out of a variety of hotels, entertainment venues, are in contact with the “lofty”, seems to have broad powers.Xiaomei once fell in love with Zhang, but it didn’t work out, but over the years, Xiaomei has been paying attention to Zhang, but also constantly listen to others talk about his mix is good.In early 2020, Zhang added Mei to her wechat account, which surprised her.The two chatted happily on wechat. Zhang constantly told Mei what business he had received today, where he would travel tomorrow, and which senior officials he would have a party with the day after tomorrow, which impressed her greatly.Small beauty already had a family, two people renew leading edge already can’t, but see before male friend is so excellent, small beauty in the mind is very complex, always feel oneself missed a paragraph of splendid life, should let zhang mou help oneself do a bit of thing just be economical.And what small beauty does not know is, zhang mou’s scenery life is false appearance, in fact his business is very not zha, also do not have what fixed income, more do not know what dignitaries, still owe a lot of debt on the contrary.When xiao Mei asked Zhang, can help her family find a good job, Zhang immediately smell the “business opportunity”, a promise.Since then, Xiao Mei has become an ATM for Chang.”Today I will invite Leader Wang to dinner”, “tomorrow I will give a gift to leader Li”, “Leader Li promised, tomorrow I will go to deepen my impression”…Over the next year or so, Mei transferred money to Zhang 19 times, totaling 181,000 yuan, but still couldn’t find a job.In the face of small beauty’s questioning, Zhang often does not answer the phone does not return information.So is a few months later, small beauty to the jiangdu police report.Last summer, an accidental opportunity, Zhang met Xiao Li, two people fell in love at first sight, talked about love.Contacts in the process, small beautiful discovery Zhang mou’s circle is very “lofty”, he has several houses to trade, there are constantly “lawyer” and “intermediary” contact him to have business.Especially let xiao Li surprise is, after a period of contact, “magic” Zhang mou agreed to help Xiao Li family to find a job.Since then, Zhang mou with Xiao Li to 50 thousand yuan activity funds.After a few months, another 30 thousand yuan activity funds.Eighty thousand yuan spent, most of the half year has also passed, still no job.Xiao Li and Zhang began to the 80 thousand yuan, do not want to, Zhang but not meet with Xiao Li, he told Xiao Li, because of economic disputes into the detention center, and want to find a way to put yourself out, only yourself out, to continue to help xiao Li family to find a job or money back.Riding a tiger is difficult small beautiful then fall in zhang mou’s guidance, ceaselessly and “Chen Chief”, “Zhu chief” contact, transfer money, after spending tens of thousands of yuan again, small beautiful feels wrong, call the police to jiang Du for help.After receiving the report of small beauty, small Beauty, the police immediately began to work, and soon found out: Zhang mou and no legitimate occupation, debt, the so-called “lawyer” “intermediary” “Director Chen” “Director Zhu” and other characters wechat, in fact, all his own one person registered, specifically used to defraud the small Beauty, small Beauty’s trust.At present, Zhang mou has been arrested, the case is still in further trial.