Don’t forget the opening drama of the Three Nordic treasures

2022-08-23 0 By

In the last two seasons, The Swedish SUPER League has been able to perform better than expected in Sweden, although the investment is not much, but because of the good coach, So, Sirius in the last two seasons, the Ranking of the Swedish super league, very good.Last year led the team play good attacking football beckstrom remain in bearing, this season has great effect for stable team, after all, super in Sweden, the turning of the coach, especially the turning of the middle and lower reaches of the team, it is very frequent, therefore, Sirius, with excellent jong last season, playing for them, on achievement, has a good help.And on the squad, they also did not lose much, several mainstream players, central defender Mattison, Japan striker Sugita Yoshi, striker Aku, etc., remain in the team.Sirius also did well in the Swedish cup, especially in the attacking end, where he had to live.So, the first home of the season, if the play is normal, in fact, the chance to win more.And sundsvall, is Sweden over recent seasons elevator, super team again to return to Sweden, but in the lineup, they don’t have much reinforcement, as the economy, they are still more general, so the transfer window, they don’t add much to, and most importantly, upgrade the team last season, the main striker haller in warm-up is injured,It was a big blow for the team, and their defensive performance was actually mediocre. In the Pre-season Swedish cup, they conceded more than 3 goals against digvos and Elfborg, and their defensive performance was terrible.The whole index system is still positive for Sirius, after all, Sirius is always the underdog and has a mediocre image in the market, which is quite normal considering the opponent Sonzvall is a regular Swede.Considering the two teams, the home team, Sirius, is off to a good start.