Jiangsu Xinyu custom Changzhou indoor and outdoor garden landscape galvanized flower box is ordinary steel flower box?

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Galvanized flower box generally refers to galvanized sheet flower box.Galvanizing is a misnomer. Galvanizing is the process of coating metal or other material with zinc.Galvanized sheet flower box this name is very clear, refers to the surface of a layer of zinc plated steel plate.We know steel is iron carbon alloy, galvanized is for anticorrosion.Galvanized flower box is accurately called galvanized sheet flower box, galvanized is how to play a role?Most galvanizing is made by hot dip galvanizing.Zinc in the air almost does not change, stable performance, in a humid environment, zinc surface will generate zinc film, but in high temperature and high humidity organic acid environment, zinc coating is easy to be corroded.Galvanized flower box, also known as galvanized sheet flower box, can be used in normal environment for up to 10 years.Acid rain environment is not suitable for the use of galvanized flower box.Galvanized flower box is generally used in hotels, because of the simple style of galvanized flower box, long service life, so it is also widely popular.Galvanized flower box outdoor performance ability is general, if you want better effect, strong modeling ability, long service life, you can be aluminum plate flower box, stainless steel flower box.Jiangsu xin yu high-tech landscape metal products factory has been in line with the aim of honest and trustworthy, win-win cooperation, and according to the order requirement, faithfully, to finish the task within the city circle in safety in good condition to send the goods to the customer designated, outside the city circle and around Shanghai city according to the customer request vehicles for transporting or help customers check it.