Nanyang City Federation of Trade Unions held the medical shrine cultural Park project launch ceremony

2022-08-23 0 By

On March 14, nanyang City Federation of Trade Unions held a “five games one fight” theme labor and skills competition and the medical Shrine Cultural Park project launch ceremony.The labor competition in the city set off a million workers big competition, training, big competition upsurge.At the launch ceremony, leaders attended the city’s key project medical Shrine cultural Park labor competition team solemnly awarded the flag.The labor competition of the Medical Shrine Cultural Park project lasted for 60 days from March 14 to May 12. The scope of the competition was the construction project of the Medical Shrine Museum of The National Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine within this period. The participating units were China Water Resources and Hydropower Third Engineering Bureau Co., LTD., China Agricultural Credit Science Construction Co., LTD., and Henan Macheng Construction Co., LTD.The labor competition is divided into progress competition, quality competition, safety competition, environmental protection and civilized construction competition, developed a strict assessment standards.( Nanyang News Hotline: 18003713016, contributed email: