People-oriented from the “heart” gome retail to build a new consumer experience

2022-08-23 0 By

In recent years, the retail industry has witnessed the emergence of some new models and new businesses.Among them, Gome retail’s full retail strategy, based on online, offline, logistics, supply chain, big data & cloud, sharing and co-building six platforms, has built a new business model. With the emergence of synergies between platforms, Gome retail’s development has pressed the “fast forward button” and ushered in a new period of explosive growth.Gome Retail (0493.HK) 2021 financial results show that 2021 to achieve the main business revenue of about 46.48 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of about 5.4%, net profit significantly reduced, cash flow significantly improved, the annual positive inflow of 650 million yuan.It can be said that gOME retail platform is leading gome retail into a new era of development, a sustainable and high-quality development era.Offline stores are gOME’s “home watching” resources. In 2021, Gome established a plan to upgrade stores, that is, to transform existing stores into display and experience stores, and enhance consumer experience through video shopping guide and other ways.The online part is also making good progress. Gome vigorously promotes and fully supports the Fun APP to attract customers through the current popular live broadcast, short video and other ways, and promotes transformation through the “video shopping guide” feature service.Gome has its own focus on online and offline retail, and through the digital technology of “one store, one page” and video shopping guide service, it promotes the complementary integration of online and offline, realizes the interconnection of all domains and all scenes, and sets up a model of digital real economy.All modes: demand “home life” as the core layout full category gome’s full retail strategy is focused on the “home life”, is to grasp the consumer for the family a better life quality upgrade policy dividend, with all aspects of the household consumption, from electric specializes in upgraded to a category platform, all by the end of 2021, gome all category SKU Numbers over 2 million.It is worth mentioning that Gome’s “home · life” strategy is not fighting alone. Relying on the shared and co-built platform, Gome quickly gathered many partners and has realized the entry of KOL/KOC promotors, manufacturers and channel merchants, with 2,000 promotors, more than 4200 manufacturers and more than 6000 channel merchants.We work together to create a consumption scene with rich categories and happy experience for consumers, which is a new consumption mode under full retail.Channels: all link together seamlessly, commodity of barrier-free circulation of gome has advantage in supply chain, in all the retail strategy, under the lead of the supply chain management and the advantage of integration to further expand, and resonance of logistic platform, platform co-construction and sharing, mutual relying on and assigned to each other, demonstrating great growth potential.At the same time, with the popularity of online retail, large consumer goods such as electricity, furniture and fitness equipment are gradually leaning online, which also makes logistics services evolve from single distribution to all-round logistics services such as installation and maintenance.Acciona Logistics is one of the core assets that GOME will complete custody in 2021. Its business covers all kinds of logistics and distribution services from large electrical appliances to small goods, which is in line with gome’s full-category and omni-channel development direction.On the whole, Gome’s all-retail can cover the consumption scenes that cannot be reached in the era of e-commerce, further improve the consumption experience, and finally set foot in the people-oriented, family-centered business model, starting from the “heart”.The layout and progress of Gome in 2021 deeply follow the underlying logic of full retail, and reshape the business model of retail industry and build long-term and sustainable core competitiveness through the integration advantages of online, offline, supply chain, logistics, big data & cloud and sharing and co-construction six platforms.