Shut down, shut down, shut down!A level I emergency response has been launched in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province

2022-08-23 0 By

In order to resolutely carry out COVID-19 prevention and control, effectively reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic, and safeguard the health and life safety of the people, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control: 1. From now on, Pinghu City of Jiaxing has initiated a Level I emergency response.Ii. Complete shutdown and school suspension, closure of public places, and cessation of crowd gathering activities throughout the city;Iii. Strict traffic and transportation control measures shall be taken within the whole city;Iv. In accordance with the needs of epidemic prevention and control and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and other relevant laws, all villages (communities) are forbidden to enter and restrict the entry of non-resident residents, and the management measures of “health code + body temperature measurement” are implemented.V. Traffic quarantine: carry out city-wide traffic quarantine.On March 14, 2022, an additional COVID-19 positive case was reported in Pinghu, Jiaxing. At 22:00 on March 13, a new COVID-19 positive case was reported in Pinghu. Peng, female, was the close contact of the previous first positive case in Pinghu.Peng’s track in Pinghu is announced as follows: At 6:00 on March 10, he arrived at Oriental Yile Garden, 7:00 at Jinxiu Manor, 8:00 at Yuanle New Village, 12:00 at Shuangmiao hometown, 15:00 at Yuanle New Village, 16:20 at Baihua Primary School on Yucai Road, he returned to Yuanle New Village, 18:30 at Jie Fang’s home, 6:00 on March 11, he arrived at Oriental Yile Garden, 7:March 12, 6:40, Arrive at Phoenix Vegetable Market and Fruit Wholesale Market, 8:00, arrive at Yuanle New Village, 9:14, arrive at Jinxiu Manor, 10:00, Arrive at Xudai Qian Huang Temple, 15:30, arrive at Yuanle New Village:At the end of the east side of No. 3 Bridge, you go to the seafood shop on the south side of No. 3 Bridge, then you go to Baibuqiao Vegetable Farm and Anji Tea shop next to the fruit store on the east side of the bridge. Then you go to Yuanle New Village at 19:00 and return to Jie Fang’s home.00 People returning to Jiefang’s home who have time and space intersection with the above activities should report to their community (village) immediately and cooperate with the implementation of corresponding control measures.Office of novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Leading Group of Pinghu City March 14, 2022