“Spring Festival health” spring back, the whole year without suffering

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Spring all things grow hair, is a new season, the body viscera Yang qi to grow out, accumulated a winter cold wet, toxins, turbidity and other old things to metabolize, and in the spring is also the most easy to discharge.However, how to let the body viscera Yang qi out?Yang qi, the key in the back of traditional Chinese medicine: viscera Yang qi to be born out, the key part in the back, why?Because: the back is the holographic epitome of the whole human body centered on the spine, is the most direct reaction area of the viscera of the human body, the viscera of the human body can find the corresponding corresponding area in the back, such as: the corresponding lung and heart on the back;The lower part of the back corresponds to the spleen, stomach, liver and bile;The waist corresponds to the kidney, bladder, large and small intestine;Back health or not, often directly reflects the normal operation of the viscera.Visible from this, the back is healthy barometer, it is the protection barrier of human body solid, no matter be in the child that grows grow period, still be exuberant youth, or it is the old person that take care of oneself, pay attention to back and correct maintain back, be equal to infuse vigor and vitality for health.Maintain the back, is to raise our viscera, is to regulate our heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney…….On both sides of the spine are the bladder meridian of the human body, and there are acupoints on the back of the bladder meridian of the human body. These acupoints are the channels of running qi and blood and connecting the viscera and organs, so stimulating these acupoints can play the role of inspiring the Yang qi of the viscera and organs.In fact, conditioning behind is also a very good detoxification method, the reason for this, is because the back of the bladder, in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, the bladder is the largest detoxification channel of the human body.The back has a du vein, the sea of Yang veins, is also the whole body Yang qi gathering and running channel!If the arteries are blocked, the spring Yang qi is not good, cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra will follow the problems, so that the whole body will be implicated, causing cerebral insufficiency, stroke, cerebral degeneration, periarthritis of shoulder, blood sugar instability and other dozens of diseases.It can be seen that the back of the human body is a very important part, playing an important role in the adjustment of visceral function, harmonizing Yin and Yang, and prolonging life.To maintain the back is to nourish our internal organs, regulating our heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.Doing the back can not only dispel the cold and dampness of the body, toxins, but also relieve the symptoms of neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, which will make the heavy body feel relaxed and abnormal.Relieve body fatigue, improve sleep quality, have great relief for excessive liver fire.So, how to keep back in spring?It is very simple, do not spend money to go to the health museum to keep back, you can do a few movements at home to achieve the effect of keeping back, the method is as follows:Lay a blanket on the floor, the floor is not too hard, sit and bend your legs, hands on your knees, your weight between the tailbone and the sitting bone, that is, under our hips, lift your left and right feet, thighs must be close to the lower abdomen, keep this movement rocking back and forth.This kind of back roll, roll every morning, roll repeatedly for three to five minutes, after each roll will feel hot back, which shows that qi and blood dredge, roll to the back when the heat naturally Yang qi.This is a spring lesson. Stick to it.2 stimulation of weizhong point through the knee socket of the bladder is an important point on the bladder!There is a formula in Traditional Chinese medicine called “waist and back for”, all waist and back problems, can be solved through this acupoint.Often rubbing or beating Weizhong point can stimulate the operation of the bladder through qi and blood, better detoxification.Many middle-aged and old friends, the knee is often bulging outward, and there will be messy tendons, which is the signal of blood impassability on the back of the waist, need to beat the knee.If it is inconvenient to bend over, and then teach you a trick, sitting can stimulate the committee.Practice: sit flat on the bed or the ground, the ground is not too hard, sit well after bending legs, legs tremble, let two hind genu down to hit the ground, repeatedly do not laborious, adhere to five minutes or more, you can feel the whole leg is warm and fever, can effectively dredge qi and blood.3 open the back hub to find a door frame, hold both sides of the door frame with both hands, head upright, eyes level;Stand and lunge with one foot in front and one in back, with the hind legs as straight as possible;Stretch your arms vigorously until you feel tension. Stand in this position for 3 minutes, then lunge on the other leg for 3 minutes.This stretching action is very good to get through the back meridians!4 Open Dazhui point hands rub neck Dazhui point until fever.Cervical spine is the upper hub of the du and bladder meridian, patency here can let Yang qi hair, but also can prevent a series of symptoms caused by cervical spine stasis!5. Get through the central hub of the back. Rub your hands to the back waist every day at any time and place: This is where Mingmen point and Shenshu Point are located, and it is the hub of the middle of du meridian and bladder meridian.The du and bladder channels are only channels and have no energy of their own!The function of generating and detoxifying Yang qi needs to be promoted by kidney qi.Therefore, stimulating Mingmen point and Shenshu Point is the most simple and direct way, and also the most important point to get through the back meridians!Of course, if you can do moxibustion at Dazhui point, back waist point and Weizhong point, it will be better.Each acupuncture point is about 30 minutes, moxibustion 4 times a week.The function of qi huoxue is very obvious!”Do back in spring, not tired all year round;Spring to do back, people live a hundred years “.The secret to not getting sick for a whole year is hidden in the back.Find the right method, adhere to practice, white hair black, strong kidney Yang, away from stroke!Edit: Nursing Magazine of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Correspondent: Qin Shasha, Sun Lei, Wang Jingjing