Taiyuan Xinghualing district “technical + air defense” woven forest protection fire network

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April 1, in the xinghualing district east mountain tourism road intersection, the forest rangers to post early, to prepare to enter the dongshan tourists fire protection publicity and persuade back, the necessary into the mountain personnel to implement registration management.Into the forest fire protection special risk period, the area through the “technical defense + civil air defense”, to ensure the realization of patrol inspection without dead Angle full coverage.Xinghualing comprehensive emergency brigade of forest fire monitoring information platform, after two equipment upgrades, here can be 21 the commanding heights of hd camera installed in the forest, to detect the woodland area around 85% of the area, including 14 points in the jianhe river town, distributed in the ditch, yulin ping, kiln head, son, zhang zhuang zi in head, and under the ridge serdang village 7 village, etc.Seven sites are located in Yangjiayu street, distributed in shizhugou, Nuoma, Xiaoyaotou, Dayaotou and Yangjiayu villages.The platform has staff on duty 24 hours a day, 5 minutes to switch the screen, real-time (every two hours) report the monitoring situation of the forest area, at the same time, the multi-route UAV team into the forest area to patrol the area blocked by the mountain temporarily cannot be monitored by the fixed camera.Once the hidden danger is found, it will be immediately reported to the district “Forest prevention” for analysis and processing by relevant departments.In addition to technical fire prevention, the area rangers from the bayonet every day on time patrol, once found problems, will be the first time to report.It is understood that xinghualing area forest area total area of 1109 thousand mu, the area combined with the safety production “100 days of attack” action, the forest grassland fire prevention as an important work to grasp, effectively put the work into practice.In the face of the arrival of the spring forest fire season, the further implementation of fire prevention work conference spirit, provinces and cities grassland and area “refers to the proof” unified command, armed forces, natural resources, emergency, grass, public security, street town, such as cooperation, establish special channels of information sharing, combining with the characteristics of grassland fire this year and improve the fire prevention plan,In accordance with the plan to increase patrol, inspection efforts, the good into the pass, resolutely put an end to fire into the forest area.The area through a variety of platforms, increase the publicity of forest protection and fire prevention, especially for spring ploughing preparation and spring outing, increase publicity in advance to prevent forest fire.Source: Taiyuan Evening News