Tang Yixin, who is 165cm, also likes to wear platform shoes. Her height does not change significantly, but her temperament is delicate

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Share the most classic fashion wear, let you in the four seasons can give a high-level sense of beauty, women never lack of attraction, only lack of skills to inspire charm, will wear, let you become a tasteful elegant woman!Platform shoes are shoes with thick soles and heels, which are of the same height and are obviously different from high heels. Because the style of platform shoes is similar to sponge cake, most of them are called sponge cake shoes.Some people think that the shoes are too heavy, and the increased thickness of the sole makes the shoes look very heavy and not elegant, which does not meet the needs of girls.Platform shoes become more flexible after improving, although the bottom still maintains thickness, but fabric, color can reduce the heavy sense of dress, different styles can also make platform shoes style big change, showing different fashion temperament.Thick bottom shoe is reducing age respect also has right effect, the person that became a mother puts on thick bottom shoe to also can show the sweet temperament that shows a girl, Tang Yixin is such.Tang Yixin, who is 165cm, also likes to wear platform shoes. Her height does not change significantly, but her temperament is delicate.The thick bottom shoe that Tang Yixin loves to wear is quite practical, tie-in is not bulky, the effect that shows tall reduce age is quite strong still.The design features of Tang Yixin’s platform boots are Chelsea boots. The elastic band is added to the side of the boots. The elastic band not only increases the flexibility of the dress, but also strengthens the decorative effect, showing the fashion and classic wear.The bottom of the boot has been thickened to make it look even more dramatic in order to prevent slip. The integration of the thick sole enhances the personality of the Chelsea boot, integrates the fashion sense and inspires a new charm.The platform boots are paired with a fluorescent printed jacket to increase the eye attraction and show a strong age-reducing charm.Fluorescent color is the most eye-catching one kind among all colors, dress temperament is lively suck eyeball again, dress advantage became many.The jacket is matched with white letter printing. The letter printing is arranged in a regular way to decorate the jacket, which is personalized, but not eye-catching. White and fluorescent color complement each other, showing a stronger color charm.The combination of platform boots and narrow back pants helps to magnify your figure. Narrow leg pants are pants that can show your body shape, but if worn alone, the legs may be thick or not straight enough.Platforms elevate the figure, while the uppers also optimize the ankle or calf to accentuate slim, symmetrical legs.In terms of overall image, the printed jacket is matched with skinny pants and platform shoes, and the shape ratio is particularly perfect.Jacket design should be more eye-catching, can express personality and fashion temperament.While the combination of skinny pants and platform boots seems understated, it actually amplifying the body appeal, and the all-black combo doesn’t completely hide the charm, balancing out with a printed jacket.Platform shoes are fashionable and simple to wear, and the boot style increases the trend of platform shoes and personality, and can further optimize the body shape characteristics, so the charm of wearing combination is very rich.Thick sole shoes have different styles and temperament, wearing a sense of design is obvious, used to optimize the figure, reduce the image of age have a strong advantage.Tang Yixin’s other thick soled shoes wear charm thick soled strap shoes wear strap shoes have the temperament of sports shoes, wear with flexibility, you can adjust the tightness of shoelaces according to the foot type, wearing with a certain comfort.The age reduction characteristics of strap shoes are also very prominent, with the characteristics of students wearing, thick bottom design does not affect the effect of wearing.If you want to make your shoes less bulky, you can change the color of your shoes. Use light or bright colors to make your shoes more lively and easy to wear.Thick soles with straps are suitable for young women’s wear or student wear, can be matched with short skirts or short dresses, calf or ankle exposure can also increase the ease and vitality of wearing, avoid bulky image.When wearing shoe of thick bottom bind belt, can show shoelace outside, also can plug shoelace in, wearing effect is pretty good, along with a sex, a neat.Thick-soled strapless shoes are based on loafers. The main feature is that they are easy to wear and take off. They are a kind of conventional casual shoes.Thick-soled strapless shoes are suitable for casual wear, showing the charm of casual fashion. Casual wear is practical and very comfortable, easy and special.If you want to show the overall sense of harmony, you can choose a suit with similar shoe color design, and use color to increase the fashionable sense and fashionable vitality of the image.Platform shoes are suitable for exposing ankles or calves to wear, which can increase the sense of lightness of wearing. At the same time, they can be paired with sunshade hats and fisherman hats to enhance the charm of leisure fashion.The design of thick sole shoe is more and more deft, wear build not burdensome, might as well try thick sole boot or thick sole shoe is tie-in so, let image temperament more lively, also have energetic feeling, reduce age with thick sole shoe really quite simple.Master the seasonal fashion elements and become a stylish person with exquisite clothes!Do not play lofty, only speak the most down-to-earth dry goods skills, so that you are closer and closer to fashion.Welcome to share fashion insights and insights!