Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, let’s see what auspicious dishes are in the Yangtze River Delta New Year’s Eve dinner

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Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Is everyone’s dinner ready?The classic food on the dinner table of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui New Year’s Eve, from the starter to the end of the soup, not only taste delicious, but also have a good color, maybe can give you some inspiration, together take a look at ↓ PS: delicious too much!This article only lists some of the delicious dishes in the Yangtze River Delta. Please post your choice in the comments section.Shanghai New Year’s Eve dinner sixi Bake bran. Bake bran means “depend on husband”, implying that the male of the family will have a successful career in the coming year.This dish is often served on shanghainese dinner tables during festivals.Baked bran, mushrooms, agaric, peanuts, rich flavor, maotaixiang flavor, rich taste levels, beaming.Shanghai people’s New Year’s Eve dinner in the cold dish, with green onion, oil boil out fragrant green oil, and then put in the pre-soaked jellyfish, without too much seasoning is enough to make people eat two chopsticks more.It is necessary to control the heat to make delicious shallot oil.Smoked fish pay attention to “more than every year”, there is no fish.Shanghainese are used to smoke the fish with the middle portion of herring. Remove the head and tail, and make the slices into 1cm thick slices. The slices are deep-fried until the fish is golden and then soaked in soy sauce for a few seconds.In the menu of many Shanghai people’s New Year’s Eve dinner, eight-treasure duck with rich stuffing means “abundant grain”, is definitely a big dish to support the party.Open the back of duck with bone, fill with glutinous rice, bamboo shoots, diced meat, chicken gizzard, mushroom, lotus seeds and other ingredients, put them in a big bowl, and steam them with cellophane.Duck shape plump and full, the original juice aroma outstanding, out of the cage and then doused with steamed duck original brine modulation of shrimp and green beans, a word “dia”!The unified feature of making braised pork in brown sauce in Shanghai is “one hand soy sauce bottle, one hand sugar tin”.Braised pork in brown sauce, a famous Chinese dish, fully embodies the characteristics of “thick oil, red sauce and sweet taste”.A bowl of braised pork, meat color appearance shiny, eating will not feel greasy, but also to get a “thriving” good color head!Kousansi kousansi is a traditional Shanghai dish, which is exquisitely prepared.Made of chicken, ham and bamboo shoots, the product looks like a mountain bun, implying abundant supplies and a rich life.People in Shanghai must eat eight-treasure rice for Spring Festival.Standard with glutinous rice, osmanthus, red dates, pearl barley, lotus seeds, longan and other fruit materials, and then with sugar, oil and other seasonings, steamed and then poured sugar marinade.The shape of a round sweet taste, complete and beautiful meaning.Fried Rice cake “Nian Gao Nian gao year after year”.The soft and waxy rice cake is suitable for a variety of cooking techniques, such as spare ribs rice cake, rice cake soup, fried rice cake…There’s always one for you!The “family photo” usually ends the New Year’s Dinner in Shanghai, symbolizing the happiness of the whole family.The dish is based on a stock base and is covered with ingredients such as pork balls, skin, winter bamboo shoots, smoked fish, yellow sprouts and thread noodles.While the offerings vary somewhat from family to family, one thing is sure to be there: egg dumplings.In the era of no quick-frozen, egg dumplings are now made, a fresh!It is a famous traditional dish in Zhenjiang and also a representative dish in Huaiyang cuisine.Because the meat is delicious, fat and not greasy, crisp tender easy to change, food does not plug teeth and universal praise.Take pork trotter bone, salt slowly knead into the meat, salted after compaction, brine after cooking pot.Out of the pot to cool, crystal clear, like gold bars, is a cold dish in the New Year’s Eve dinner.Ten Dishes Every Spring Festival, nanjing people will prepare this dish on the table — ten dishes.Ten dishes, also called olio, shepherd’s purse, spinach, carrot, black fungus, mushrooms, day lily, tofu, nuts, gluten, pickles, catsup, lotus root, mushroom, asparagus, yam, celery, yellow bean sprouts, bean curd, smoked bean curd and other selected 10 kinds of vegetables, then do the same as to fry, mix, add sesame oil and other materials can be modulated.Each material has its own special meaning: bean sprouts represent all the best, celery represents hard work and prosperity…If you eat this dish during the Spring Festival, you will have a good meaning for the whole year.Salted duck salted duck production technology exquisite, long history.Heat up the duck with salt, rub it all over the duck’s body, and pour it into the stomach. Marinate the duck for a few hours, boil it in the fire, let it cool and cut it thoroughly. The salted duck takes a short time to make, which retains the delicious taste of the duck.Salted duck on the table, white skin tender meat, fat but not greasy, delicious and delicious, salty crisp tender.Ruyi dishes ruyi dishes are actually bean sprouts, because the shape of soybean sprouts and “ruyi” similar, meaning “good luck”.People in Changzhou cook bean sprouts for the Spring Festival with dried tofu, shredded leaves, shredded oil and dried bamboo shoots, as well as chopped pickled vegetables, which is a traditional vegetarian dish for the Spring Festival.Bad braised pork bad braised pork is a common dish in southern Jiangsu province.In the days of scarcity, a bowl of bad braised pork, which can be steamed repeatedly, is the taste of Chinese New Year.Nowadays, every family’s day is getting better and better, bad steamed pork is still an indispensable Taste of the New Year, entrusted with the good wishes of life “thriving”.Tuanzi people in Wuxi and other places like to eat tuanzi during the Spring Festival, which means reunion and happiness for the whole family.Knead the rice flour, fill the filling, and rub the glutinous rice balls. The glutinous rice balls are soft and crystal, and the white rice balls are dipped in white sugar, making them sweet and waxy.The grass-green dumplings come with fillings, sometimes special fillings that symbolize good, and the person who eats them also brings good luck for the whole year.The process of making a wheel cake is a bit like frying dumplings.The first will be broken rock sugar and lard, as well as osmanthus, walnut, melon seed kernel, green red silk and other delicious seasoning mixing together, made into stuffing, wrapped in the dough, fried golden color in the pan.After forming golden round, a symbol of happy reunion, auspicious meaning.First Course Nanjing Liuhe First Course, formerly known as “Toudao Soup”, as the name implies it is the first course at a banquet.This soup is made of meat balls, skin belly, fungus, bacon, quail eggs, green vegetables and so on, and served in eight bucket bowls.New Year’s wish in addition to happiness, but also in peace.Tofu also means “happiness”.Fresh and smooth tofu as the main ingredient, seasoned with crucian carp brain and chicken soup, fresh and nutritious.In the New Year’s Eve dinner of Zhejiang province, raw swimming crab is divided by fine splitting, slightly pickled, and then doused with vinegar, soy sauce, rice wine, sugar and pepper powder to make a sauce, which is the favorite of Wenzhou people.When you pout your lips and suck it gently, the crab meat will slip out of the crab shell and into your mouth, without sticking to the shell and fishy. It is a happy and harmonious life.Dongpo meat as a hard dish of New Year’s Eve dinner, good dongpo meat is small square shape, need to be braised to a stick into the.The meat is covered in sauce, and each bite is crisp but not rotten, fat but not greasy.When it comes to the flavor of the New Year, ringing the bell is absolutely necessary for Hangzhou people.It uses fuyang bean curd skin, which needs a little lean minced meat in the roll, and then fried until golden brown.Dip in sweet sauce or pepper salt, send into the mouth, “click” a crisp sound.The wu Yue people eat chicken in different ways in each season.Winter is a “cured” word.”Xiang” sounds the same as “think”, meaning smart and progressive.Using steam to permeate the SAP of the upper white turtle into the meat can be described as the icing on the cake, is a typical representative of shaoxing “salty and fresh” flavor.Braised lamb braised lamb in brown sauce is a big dish for feast in Jiaxing. It is made from pure local hu sheep.Slices of tender lamb simmered in the chef’s special sauce, the smell of meat spreading through the steaming heat, and you could not help but eat it.Simple and carefree, is a good life footnote.Quzhou people’s ageless chicken, duck feet, chicken feet, wing tips, beef tripe, dried bean curd, sweet and sour pork…They are also a must on the New Year’s Eve dinner table.The turtle meat in Zhoushan, drying fish is every family handy craft.The winter flood harvest of large yellow croaker wash pickled, pick a sunny day, such as a northwest wind.The cured yellow croaker tastes salty and fresh, and the streaky pork oil is moist. The combination of the two makes a wonderful sublimation of taste and smell in the high temperature, and the fresh seafood is also emitted. Just one bite can make people unforgettable.Around the New Year, people in Taizhou like to mash the Fried sesame paste.They like the egg-fried sesame Paste very much.The egg collids with the soft sesame paste, salty with sweet, sweet with glutinous, eating a mouthful, can also be drawn.This large yellow Croaker with snow vegetable has a fleshy, smooth and juicy taste, coupled with a little umami flavor “hanging” with snow vegetable, which means there is more than one year after year.The first dish served at the Anhui Central New Year’s Dinner is “hochi Dish”.Bean curd fruit, sliced meat and day lily, agaric together into the pot stir fry, add a little seasoning stir well out of the pot, this plate meaning harmony and beauty.Family photo In northern Anhui, there is such a dish bearing the laughter of the whole family – family photo.Boil the soup, then add cabbage, vermicelli, abalone erynglet mushroom, green bamboo shoots, cantonese red, ham sausage, quail eggs, shrimp…After cooking, the ingredients are transferred to the casserole and simmered over low heat.One pot one pot is the main course of the New Year’s Dinner in southern Anhui.A layer of dried bamboo shoots is placed on the bottom, followed by meat, bean products, dumplings, vermiculin and seasonal vegetables, supplemented with water and spices, simmered until cooked.Meaning every day is getting better and better.Local cured bacon, stir-fried until crystal clear, with local wild eel, cooked with care, the color, flavor and aroma are perfect.Meaning for a long time, long history.Stinky Mandarin fish stinky Mandarin fish, smelling and eating delicious, is a delicious dish made by the frugal and wise people of Huizhou with the magic of pickling and fermentation.Pickled smelly mandarin fish, with copper-green surface and red gills, give off a special fragrant smell after fermentation.The perfect fusion of innovative techniques and ancient recipes, and then frying and stewing, can form the flavor of Huizhou New Year, a symbol of “wealth and abundance”.Rice noodle braised pork is the favorite of many people in northern Anhui.Pork belly and glutinous rice made of rice flour, with star anise, scallion, sauce, put in a bowl on the pot steamed, steamed to a certain heat out of the oil, eat a rectification buckle on the plate, auspicious and thriving.Soak dried bamboo shoots in rice washing water for 1 hour, blanch dried bamboo shoots in boiling water, wash, drain and cut into small pieces, and spread on the bottom of a dish.Soak the salted goose leg in water for 1 hour, then boil the ginger water and blanch it.Sprinkle salt on the dried bamboo shoots, then cover the blanched salted goose legs with yellow rice wine and a little sugar, and steam them for about 60 minutes.After the steamed goose leg cools slightly, chop it into pieces and serve.A goose on a diet means posterity.The unique flavor of jinzhai red bean puree is a delicious dish with wine and rice, which occupies a place in the cuisine of Jinzhai.It is said that it is the standard part of the New Year’s Eve dinner of local mountain people. The homonym of red bean rot is “du fu”.Its preparation method is fresh pig blood, chopped pork, tofu and other as the main raw materials, with ginger, garlic flowers, salt, mix well and then pour into the clean pig bladder or pig intestines.Some places also use cloth bags, make it steamed bread shape or long wax gourd shape.After a few days in the sun, hang it in the kitchen for more than a month.Stir-fried rice in chicken soup is a must-have dish on the Dinner table during the Spring Festival in Anqing.The production of fried rice is exquisite. It is necessary to soak glutinous rice in boiling water, and then fry it with firewood, iron pot and bamboo broom. The chicken soup should be clear and the oil should float.First put the soup in the bowl, then put the fried rice, as a Chinese New Year guests a delicious food.Information: Le Tour Shanghai, Jiangsu micro tourism, Poetry and painting Zhejiang culture travel information, Anhui culture travel editor: Zhang Xiaotong