A good line chart requires patience. It’s a hassle, but it’s easy

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Yesterday, a friend in a book sent a message to ask this question, and the screenshot is as follows: This picture is not difficult, mainly the details.First, you need to find some small flag ICONS that you can copy and paste later.Secondly, the picture and text in the legend need to be made separately;Thirdly, the last one in the abscissa is 2019, and it is in bold, which must have undergone special processing. It is impossible to use Excel to process a word on the abscissa directly, and the interval between them is 10, so it is also impossible to end with 2019.If I go back and look at the display of the flag, I feel that this is also specially processed. Either, the final flag is copied and pasted one by one manually, but if there is a change in the later data, it is a very troublesome process to adjust, unless you use this chart for one-time display;I prefer the method I’m going to introduce later – image fill.Next, let’s take a look at the production method directly based on the data: there are a lot of data, from 1990 to 2020, and you can use random functions to illustrate the data.Selection scope of all data, directly inserted into the line chart: according to the junior partner to provide pictures of the style properly adjust the size, legend temporarily don’t first, fill color these: first to the abscissa, double-click the abscissa, set on the right side is as follows: the result shows: the scale line have to be coordinated: close to the original image, the scale line displayed:As for 2019 in the original image, you can insert a text box with white shading to manually overwrite it according to the font size and style. There is nothing to say here.And then the flag, actually the most important thing I think is the flag icon.I used to insert a scatter plot, but when I did it, I realized that I didn’t need to do it.Because I was too tired to find the material of the flag, I inserted two ICONS to demonstrate the same thing.First, select the last mark point of a line in the line chart and add the data label.Here it is: the label is placed to the right, and if the data is mixed with the chart, pull the chart to make a little space.Next, copy the first icon.Then select the first data label.Effect: Deformed, and data overlap, very ugly, it doesn’t matter, double click the data label, you can directly delete the data.There you go, and then when you click in the blank, the label disappears.At this point, you just need to press Ctrl+Z to undo the label will come back.And there’s no data.Isn’t it amazing, and then manually adjust the size: follow this method to set the second: there is no easy and quick way to batch set, after all, your images are so one by one.So it takes a little patience.Finally, the legend, I only set two: in fact, these beautiful diagrams are not as difficult as you think, just to look good, it is a little trouble to do.That’s it.