Can Exercise really Lower Blood pressure?The doctor reminds: hypertensive patient, might as well try these 3 kinds of sports

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Introduction: Hypertension is now a very common chronic disease, many patients are suffering from increased blood pressure, once suffering from hypertension, on the one hand, they need to take lifelong antihypertensive drugs, on the other hand, it will bring a lot of restrictions to life.In order to stabilize the control of the disease, there are some things people have to do, such as a reasonable diet, salt intake.Some people say that regular exercise can help lower blood pressure. Is this true?Let’s find out today.Can Exercise Really Lower Blood Pressure?Reasonable exercise can actually help stabilize blood pressure at ordinary times, according to the British abreu Ding Tai research at the university of Dundee, I conducted a comparative experiments, shows, brought together more than 6000 elderly people with high blood pressure, conducted upon jogging, rode a bicycle and a series of high intensity exercise, the average blood pressure was reduced by 9%.According to the researchers’ further study, it was found that the tension of the plant nervous system was reduced due to the acceleration of metabolism in the exercise process of the elderly, and the release of catecholamines was reduced, so blood vessels would be reasonably expanded, blood volume was improved, and blood pressure would naturally be reduced.Not only does this exercise thicken the body’s muscle fibers, making the blood vessels more flexible and able to withstand the negative effects of high pressure, and reducing the risk of complications.From this we can see that exercise can indeed reduce blood pressure, but although exercise is very good, it is not appropriate to take some wrong exercise methods, such as excessive exercise, choose not suitable for their physical fitness and so on.Otherwise, they tend to wear and tear their muscles and bones, increasing their risk of injury and disease.Therefore, if you want to lower blood pressure through exercise, you must choose suitable exercise for yourself. Today, I will recommend three kinds of exercise especially suitable for hypertension patients to stabilize blood pressure.02 doctors remind: hypertension patients, might as well try these three types of exercise walking is a very gentle way of exercise, you can walk 70 to 90 steps per minute, this is a very appropriate speed, so down an hour can walk about 3 kilometers.Because walking exercise is very gentle, so this exercise is mainly used for patients with no exercise habit and hypertension is a kind of adaptive exercise process in the early stage, after which can gradually walk fast according to the individual situation.Tai Chi in the park, some tai chi people are not a few, and Tai chi is also suitable for hypertension patients one of the sports.The movements of tai Chi are very gentle and vigorous, which can relax the muscles and calm the mind, which can also help stabilize and control blood pressure.Jogging for patients with mild hypertension, you can choose jogging with slightly greater exercise intensity, but we should also pay attention to the intensity of jogging not too intense.Hypertensive patients can take a look at their heart rate when jogging, the heart rate can reach 120~136 per minute, long-term persistence can stabilize blood pressure, so that the pulse is stable.For hypertensive patients, jogging needs to be gradual, the speed should be gradually increased, the time should be slowly extended, the specific situation should be judged according to the individual situation.03 In addition, when exercising and doing related blood pressure monitoring well, the antihypertensive effect is twice the result with half the effort. Before measuring blood pressure, let’s first understand the current clinical hypertension indicators.In March 2013, ESH (European Society of Hypertension) released the latest blood pressure standards, systolic blood pressure over 140mmHg, diastolic blood pressure over 90mmHg, can be diagnosed as hypertension.Of course, in our current clinical practice, secondary hypertension needs to be excluded. When monitoring blood pressure, we need to keep in a resting state and measure results three times in different days.When diagnosed with hypertension, patients also need to keep their blood pressure measured at least three days a week, three times a day, and patients with unstable blood pressure need to be monitored more often.Take measurements three times a day between six and eight in the morning, between four and six in the afternoon, and before you go to bed and make a note of it so that you can report it to the attending physician at the time of return visit.
Conclusion: To sum up, it is very good for hypertension patients to persist in exercise for a long time, but we should also choose suitable exercise for ourselves, and make a reasonable exercise plan, so as to make their blood pressure lowering effect get the best.Guide to Summer Regimen