Hidden stone must have its own unique pursuit, must see

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For thousands of years, why do Chinese people collect strange stones?In the final analysis, stone appreciation is first for a kind of spiritual enjoyment, emperors and generals and literati can not avoid the charm of ornamental stone collection.People who play stone know that playing stone will be addictive, after this addiction, some people will abuse a gas, and finally a pile of rotten stone.So the Tibetan stone should also pay attention to have their own aesthetic pursuit and collection concept, if the individual “pursuit” and the nature of “stone” combined, is the real achievement, is called vice its “stone”!In the field of ornamental stone collectors, they have, nothing else, it is unique pursuit and concept, and then form a unique collection grade.Collectors with high taste often have professional aesthetic vision, correct strategic direction and accurate market grasp ability.”Tibetan stone taste” is the deep perception and insight of the art of stone appreciation.High-level aesthetic pursuit, personalized collection concept and deep understanding of traditional culture make their collections exquisite and rich.Different collection ideas and tastes will make people know at a glance, and their collections are often impressive. Their collections are highly recognizable, because they have formed their own collection style and taste.As a ornamental stone collection enthusiast, in addition to the traditional Chinese stone culture and ornamental stone types have a general understanding, his collection should also have special topics and fields: some people receive widely, some emphasis;Some people specialize in fine points, only play the same kind of stone;Some people obsessed with creation, specially small attack product combination;Some people love tradition, will talk about lake bi Kun Ying;Some people love the genius brush, not painting stone does not appreciate…Only by striving to form the characteristics and taste of collection and enriching the cultural connotation of collection, can the collection form the theme characteristics and have more artistic and cultural value, which is the significance of collection and the initial yearning and final pride of stone lovers.Ornamental stone collection taste and concept, often through the collection of charm can be reflected.Ornamental stone collection aesthetic and taste of the formation, not only need to be well-informed, but also erudite thinking;If you just want to be arty, fame and fortune, it is easy to get lost in the collection.In addition to the improvement of personal aesthetic vision, only by deeply dabbling in traditional culture and related art, as well as communicating and learning with fellow collectors with successful experience, can we avoid detours, truly form our own unique views, and clarify our own collection direction.Good collectors are often able to comply with the spirit of The Times, after obtaining profound cultural accumulation and knowledge reserve, and eventually form their own unique stone art style.The formation of ornamental stone collection grade and characteristics is not a short term, if the time to enter the circle is short, see less, even if the financial and social status of the people is difficult to receive quick effect.It is also difficult to form a unique aesthetic and high taste, which not only requires quality consciousness, but also the accumulation and elimination of collections over the years.”Stone is expensive because of people, people are elegant because of stone”, if there is no correct collection concept and education, can not form a high-level boutique collection, at best is equal to the construction of a commodity stone repository, will only be eventually submerged in the sea of stone.Only discerning, advanced concept, collectors who have unremitting pursuit of stone art, can go further in ornamental stone collection!Source network copyright belongs to the original author in this tribute only exchange learning, if involved in copyright please contact us to delete.