Iron soldier poetry | spring, summer, autumn and winter group of twelve poems: to celebrate the spring of la spring back

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Meng Chun la spring back to the New Year, do not set off firecrackers do not receive god, push Chen Chen New words old, change customs to welcome the New Year.Days and years of people zengshou, chun Qiankun fu man.Well-off society for heaven and earth, spring and vientiane new.Mossy green grass sprouting in Mid-spring in February, and willows budding gradually green.Snow ice elimination flowers and plants long, defrost river open fish and shrimp abundance.East wind spawned willow green, spring rain moist apricot flower red.Spring is the best, and autumn is a good harvest.In March – spring Spring in March east wind warm, the earth spring Yin qi failure.Spring rain drizzly from the sky, thunder rolling cold to open.Peach blossom spring flow to the east, catkins and wind stroke face.Huguang mountain scenery is wonderful phase, warbler song yan dance bird wandering.The lotus pond is clear in summer, and the forest is luxuriant in April.Bridge yan wear willow rain, river fish play lotus wind.Crossing the water dragonfly on the bird, wetland frog grass insects.Hornets are busy gathering honey, and butterflies are flying in flowers.Mid-summer Yang began to decline in May, Pinxia, willow green into the shade.Sudden thunder shower, unpredictable is cloudy or sunny.Plum rain every day without sunshine, wetlands everywhere frogs.After planting paddy rice, fertilize irrigation fine management.June – summer hot summer steaming, frog noise cicada crickets chirping.June her bright Yang sheng like fire, three volts of heat game steamer.Five yellow June wo water, ten rain three wind in time.Crops flourish luxuriantly, with favorable weather and abundant grain.Note: Ten rains and three winds mean one rain in ten days and one wind in three days, symbolizing good weather and rain.Three, Autumn July – Meng Autumn summer to autumn to white dew cool, noon sunlight exposure.The cicadas in autumn cry incessantly in the jungle, and the fields or fields sing aloud.Like seeing rice travancore waves, laughing and smelling melons and fruits.Harvest in hope of everyone happy, ready for the autumn harvest every family busy.August – Mid-Autumn Autumn light is ending summer day is getting shorter, stars are flowing west night is getting longer.Jinshan Yinling red yellow fruit, fertile soil paddy grain.The warehouse is full of grain and fat cattle and sheep.Layers of dyed autumn, Wanshan Maple red ginkgo yellow.September 11 autumn business white plain section days turn cool, vegetation shake dew for frost.The west wind stirred up the waters, and the autumn rain disturbed the elm walls.Distant mountain continuous remnant leaves fall, near water winding lotus injury.Look at the first zero autumn has done, red decline cui tao Chrysanthemum yellow.Winter October – Meng Dong October start of winter the north wind cool, all wild things are yellow.Mammals go dormant, migratory birds fly south.Drizzly cold wind, fluttering snow Yang.Light snow and rain to freeze, the weather becomes cold and frost.Winter moon – mid-winter north wind howling winter solstice, goose feather snow to the sky.Winter day cold day short, ya year night cold moon white.In cold weather, things are worse than winter snow.The snow mountain glacier is bright and bright, and the red plum is open.December – December – winter winter mei open early, snow reported spring dawn.This winter auspicious snow, spring plow moisture content is good.The first month hundred flowers are germinating, spring flowers bud smile.Time flies winter has gone, wax spring back to the New Year.(Four oblique rhyme) (author of the former ninth Division of the Railroad