Of all people, why would he work miracles?

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In 2018, almost overnight, everyone knew a name: Wen Muye.The young director, then in his early thirties and fresh out of graduate school at the Beijing Film Academy, debuted with Dying to Survive, which eventually earned 3.1 billion yuan at the box office and 9.0 points on Douban.Along with the film, also brought unprecedented attention to Wen Muye, some people say that he is a born director, some people say that Wen Muye’s popularity is a miracle, some people say that the level of how still need to continue to wait and see.That’s why his second film, Shenzhen-based Miracle Kid, attracted attention from the start.In the process of watching the movie, I undoubtedly enjoyed it, I was amused, I was nervous in the gorgeous “gang fight”, I was moved when Jing Hao climbed on the truck door, and yi Yangqianxi raised his head and shed tears when he finally got the order.But the first word that came to my mind after watching the movie was not “good”, but “rare”.The rare thing is, “Wonder Dumb Kids” is actually a very difficult movie to make.There are two difficulties. One is that it is a completely original story. Most of the movies about entrepreneurship, whether it is American Dreams in China made in China, the Social Network or the Wolf of Wall Street made in foreign countries, all have distinct archetypes of characters and a lot of real materials as references.Second, in the tone of the “New Shenzhen” story, there are no real “villains” in the movie, so there are no life-and-death tests, no competitors without limits, and the main characters can only face some trivial things in life, poverty and misery.In this way, the tension of the plot will be weakened.However, Wen Muye still completed the film well. In terms of authenticity, we can see that the team has done a lot of work, whether it is the realistic and exquisite art or the story setting based on the policy background.In the movie, we can also see the professional performance of mobile phone dismantling process, mobile phone market operation rules and so on.In dramatic terms, it’s a much bigger question to ponder.Looking back, It’s clear that Wonder Dumb Isn’t some kind of hilarious, fun-loving movie, but it still manages to hold the audience’s attention while laughing and crying.The key lies in wen Muye’s choice of story point of view, not deliberately piled up high plot, but focused on one word: people.Jing Hao’s character is very “contradictory”.On the one hand, he is very confident in his ability. No matter who he faces, he will say “I can” with his eyes.But on the other hand, he feels inferior to his own identity, he knows that he is only a maintenance worker with a high school education, is looked down upon by people, so it will be easy to anger, but also in frustration when the ricket body to leave.As for the cause itself, he was in a state of ambivalence, alternating between feeling certain that the Miracle Team would “succeed” and feeling anxious.Jing Hao so contradictory mentality, in fact, in a scene of the movie will be naked exposed, he went to the dormitory to find a friend to return money, scold him is a bad gambler, was the other side anti choke he does not bet?He lost his bet and his sister died.Jing Hao was stunned at that time, because he knew that his friend was right.”Bet” is the character’s core word.He is always desperate to risk all the money, for some small possibility to fight.Funnily enough, Jingho never wanted to be “successful”.He runs a small repair shop, sends his sister to and from school, and says hello to the neighbors. It can be seen that Jing Hao is not satisfied with such a life, but he does not want to jump out of it.The turning point comes from the doctor’s diagnosis of sister’s condition, and it is necessary to save her 300 thousand yuan, which forced him to buy 100 thousand yuan of goods.He makes a profit by selling 100,000 yuan worth of goods, and then he sells another batch until he has enough money to pay for the surgery, and in the context of this story, he is still just an ordinary mobile phone repairman.But he lost, so he had to take the risk again, opened a factory to transform mobile phone parts selling, at the same time, in the face of the possibility of failing quality inspection, and was rejected by the manufacturer’s huge dilemma.This is the particularity of Jing Hao. His struggle for his career is completely “forced”, not from any ambition, but from the pressure of life. He just wants to live a life that does not need to worry about livelihood.So in the friend’s dormitory after the silence, Jing Hao said sadly, “No gambling, can it?”You have to do your best just to get by.Why did Wen muye create such a character?In fact, what he made was not an inspirational film at all, but a “inspired” film. It was a story about a small person who was crushed by life and was forced to embark on a seemingly glorious entrepreneurial road.In traditional inspirational movies, the core attraction lies in the process of fighting against opposing forces. Most of them have a hero with great ambitions, but he faces many obstacles. The story is also about how he surmounts challenges and finally achieves success.On the other hand, Miracle: Stupid Kids is not cool at all. It pays more attention to the background, personality, state, relationship and atmosphere of the characters. In fact, apart from Jing Ho, other supporting characters in the movie are equally impressive.Qi Xi plays Wang Chunmei, a waitress who is often complained by guests because she is hard of hearing and always wears a pleasant smile.However, she is surprisingly tough in the face of trouble. When her son’s hearing aid is knocked off, she directly raises an axe to cut people.Chasing the wind young Zhang Chao, long on a pair of dry what what not to do the cock silk kind, the fact is also in the work of all kinds of water touch fish, but also super self-esteem, say a few words on the abandonment of the pick.But in the end to help Jinghao regain his footing, he was the first to say: I can do without money.There are old watchmaker Zhong Wei, a dog’s criminal record zhang Longhao, contractor Ma Yue and so on…Each one is so vivid and special that even just a few shots can be remembered.But what I find most interesting is that wen muye creates almost every one of these characters as “not so cute”.You might think no, these characters are likable, but that’s how we feel from the main character’s point of view. Think about it.Clumsy waiter, place rotten Internet bar god, have criminal record before, even leading role Jing Hao, it is an old lai lai that owes money not to return, a do not know the lofty want to climb up president, the poor devil without culture.Imagine if you were on that train and you saw a young man dressed like Jing Hao running up to Zhao Zhenchang and asking him to invest in you, would you admire him or disdain him like Li Ping?This is the cruel reality, in life, these people are not only not loved by us, or even ignored by us, and even hate.This is also wen Muye’s consistent creative attitude: the real level view of the small people, full of compassionate care.Not as symbolic figures to consume suffering, but as friends, people with bad roots, flaws, but still shining.The most prominent point, is the middle of the wedding scene.Soothing music, the declaration of happiness of the couple, the smiling face on everyone’s face, the slow motion of sister running with a balloon, the collision of wine glasses…This episode does nothing to promote entrepreneurship, but why keep it?Because that’s what really matters, the miracle Team’s warmest moment.Looking back at “Miracle stupid Boy”, what is the miracle it expresses?Is it material success?But for money, it’s just a few lines.Is it career success?But look at the freeze-frame subtitles at the end, some people just get married and have children.We also know that that scene doesn’t really move us.We ignore, don’t care, even look down on, as ants like people, finally with efforts, won the recognition and respect of all people.I think that’s the real miracle, and that’s what the movie is really about.There are a lot of Chinese films about the little people, but if I may say so, they often flow into the situation of consumer suffering or superficial treatment.Wen Muye, on the other hand, is always able to look at the small people from the perspective of “levelling up” and reflect real praise and care, so that such consciousness and expression can be presented in a theme film, which has to be said to be rare and valuable.Of course, although “Miracle · Stupid Child” is a realistic theme, but after all, it is a commercial film, not only not heavy, on the contrary, you can hear laughter from time to time around the theater, touching points, also burst out from the warmth of human nature.I think a movie that is meaningful and suitable for the whole family deserves our recommendation again.