Pan Liqiong: all the way, “rush to the exam” half life

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All the way, “rush to the Examination” half life — interview “Double Hundred political and legal model” Pan Liqiong “5” “16” “23” “42” “1000”……After the interview, the reporter left a series of clear numbers in his notebook.Through these figures, we can decode from some aspects of the “double Hundred heroes of politics and law model”, “national model prosecutor”, The first director of the Procuratorial Department of Yingshan County, Sichuan Province, Pan Liqiong’s seal of prosecution.During her 16 years as a procuratorial officer, Pan Liqiong has worked in 5 departments successively, won national, provincial, municipal and county commendations for 23 times, and received more than 1,000 public visits online and offline.”Numbers change and grow, just like my age, but WHAT I care about more is the growth and joy behind the numbers,” pan liqiong says with a calm face.When asked about the secret of her success, she laughed and said, “There is no secret. I just think I can build on the previous one and make it better.”Pan liqiong admitted that she used to be a teacher, but after joining the procuratorial office, she felt like a student, constantly “rushing to take the exam”.Having had teaching experience, she integrated her teaching patience and tireless perseverance into the procuratorial work.When faced with a difficult problem, she always takes it upon herself — is that right?Is there any other solution?It is this mentality of “rushing for the examination” that makes her step by step become a “good prosecutor” who has the courage to stick to justice and sincerely serve the masses.She is an indomitable “Teacher Pan” judicial cases involve the vital interests of the masses, no matter big or small cases are related to other people’s lives.Pan Liqiong had dealt with a criminal appeal case, complainant Wang mou and others conflict, the victim Peng mou into intestinal perforation, identified as serious injury, he was sentenced to three years.Years after release from prison, Wang mou to the procuratorate to appeal.After examination, the procuratorial organ considered that the original decision should be maintained.”At that time, Wang refused to sign the review decision in response to the scene, and also made unreasonable demands to open the abdominal cavity of the victim to re-examine whether the intestinal tract was perforated or caused by his own disease, otherwise he would petition everywhere.”Pan Liqiong repeatedly exhorted, but did not pacify wang mou’s anger.Wang’s son even said, “I killed someone before I got out of prison. Do you believe I killed your family?”Pan was shocked by the threatening language, but she soon regained her composure and went with her colleagues to find the original case file to verify evidence and facts of the case.”We handle cases impartially. Such incidents are common, but I always believe that justice will prevail.”By presenting sufficient evidence and patient interpretation, Pan finally persuaded the complainant to give up his unreasonable demands and slowly dissipated his anger.Even the complainant ended up respectfully calling her “Teacher Pan”.”The strong declaration that ‘law cannot yield to lawlessness’ gives us the greatest confidence.”Pan liqiong said.In handling the first local evil forces group crimes, such as several major case, she also has repeatedly received a strange telephone abuse and threats, but she always with unyielding perseverance and superb professional level, in accordance with the fair cases dealt with more than hundreds of large and small, to maintain a peaceful quiet contribution of his own.The reporter found several photos of Pan liqiong with the elderly and children on her desk.Every photo has an unforgettable story behind it.Among them, there is a girl snuggle pan Liqiong, green face joy bloom.Pan Liqiong picked up the photo and told reporters about Jingjing’s story.In 2015, Pan, together with 11 female police officers at the hospital, set up a procuratorial team dedicated to helping, rescuing and educating juvenile delinquents. The team was named “Bosom Sister”.”This is jingjing, a minor we helped and taught. She was arrested for stealing a mobile phone and was brought into our team to help and teach.””In our contact with her, we found that she was often withdrawn and refused to open her heart,” pan said.In order to break jingjing’s heart, Pan liqiong will accompany Jingjing to walk and chat whenever she is free, invite Jingjing to play at her home, and set up a wechat group called “Sunshine Cabin” to help teach jingjing. She cares for her and encourages her with volunteers.One day, Jingjing tells Pan via wechat, “I grew up without a mother. If I could, I just want to steal one!”Pan Liqiong foreboding that she must want to say something to herself, has been a mother she will gently respond: “Jingjing, then you when I am your mother!”The other end of the phone was silent. Less than ten minutes later, Pan Liqiong heard a knock on the door.She opened the door, panting Jingjing suddenly into Pan liqiong’s arms.Tears burst through the dark door of the 17-year-old girl’s heart as she said, “Mom.””Jingjing cried to me that her mother left her and her sister when she was five years old.Later, Jingjing is raped by her disabled and abnormal father, and her younger sister is also…”Said, Pan Liqiong still can not restrain the emotional, tears in the eyes of the spin.”They couldn’t escape. The girls jumped into the river and were rescued. They tried to escape and were recaptured.After hearing this, I was very shocked, angry and heartbroken. I tried to persuade Jingjing, who hesitated, to report the case to the public Security Bureau.Jingjing’s father was sentenced to 15 years in prison according to the law.”Although the case was settled, the new problem was placed in front of the two sisters how to do life and study?Pan Liqiong calls around contact is coordinated, arrange board and accommodation for sister of crystal crystal, adjust school, implement psychology seeks advice, view protect rescue, employment trains to wait, finally, let two sisters walked out of haze, opened new life.Jingjing is now married and her younger sister is studying at a vocational and technical school.Looking at the healthy growth of the sisters, Pan Liqiong feels that all pay is worth.Under the leadership of Pan Liqiong, the “Bosom Sister” team built a cloud platform for juvenile crime early warning, and built a “Bosom Sister” legal live broadcast room.It innovatively explored the “5+1″ model of juvenile observation and care, in which an observation and care team composed of prosecutors, volunteers, community workers, psychological counselors, parents or other guardians helped and taught the minors involved in the decision not to arrest or prosecute, and built four bases for juvenile observation and care with enterprises and schools.Since 2015, China has helped, taught and cared for 169 minors and left-behind children involved in the case, and helped over 30 of them return to school or employment, five of whom were admitted to universities.”The law is serious and rigid, but we cannot keep a straight face to the people,” she said.Pan liqiong said.Her years of experience as a prosecutor have taught her that by exchanging sincerity with sincerity and warming hearts, law and justice will take root in the hearts of the people and grow into a towering tree.In 2014, Pan liqiong was in charge of the application.She begged for wages for migrant workers, resolved the backlog of letters and visits, issued judicial aid…A clan one by one, busy as a top full of hair, like a top.One day, she got sunstroke after running three towns in a row.As she looked at her frail self and remembered the pile of work that needed to be done in the office, she came to realize that there were so many people who needed counseling and help, and how much could she do alone?For Pan Liqiong, who grew up in the countryside, knows the people of remote mountainous areas, it is not easy to enter the county seat, a petition, often need to be several times between multiple departments to solve.Only with the help of the Internet, changing the way and integrating the power can we continuously meet the people’s new expectations for procuratorial work.Therefore, she put forward the idea of “Internet plus prosecution”, which was strongly supported.In 2016, in Pan Liqiong positive Suggestions and driven by YingShan County procuratorate to explore to establish “the door’s procuratorate”, “Internet + the attorney for the people” service mode innovation, through the county towns, communities, the village committee to establish a full cover video consulting JieFang terminal, set the visible online service hall, pushing the way such as apple’s procuratorate App,So that the public, no matter where they are, can also enjoy the prosecution service on their fingertips.Over the past five years, Pan liqiong has received more than 1,000 letters and visits from people online and offline, and solved 157 complaints and conflicts with a 100% satisfaction rate.The model of “Internet + prosecution” has been included into the important content of grassroots social governance by sichuan Provincial Party Committee, playing an increasingly strong role in resolving social conflicts and boosting the modernization of urban and rural social governance.In 2021, Pan Liqiong’s image was displayed on chengdu’s No. 18 subway line, and she became the “spokesperson” of the people’s procuratorate at their doorstep.The people’s procuratorial cause is starting a new journey of great strength. Like Pan Liqiong, the procurators of the new era, who care about the people, are willing to contribute and have the courage to seek, are striding on the road of “rushing for the examination”, striving to write a satisfactory answer paper with reform, innovation and responsibility.Source: Wechat official account of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate