The fiBA Executive Committee is ready for the exciting games in February

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Fiba’s executive committee held its first meeting of 2022 via video conference.The meeting comes on the eve of a busy February season with two important World Cup qualifiers — the 2022 FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup qualifiers and the second window for the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup qualifiers, as well as the 2022 FIBA Intercontinental Cup.The following is the main content of the meeting.The FIBA Executive Committee received the report on preparations for the 2022 FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup qualifiers, which will be held simultaneously on February 10 in Washington DC, Belgrade and Osaka City.Two matches will also be held in Santo Domingo due to travel and health restrictions in the United States.In addition, the Executive Committee received a preparatory report on the second window period for the World Preliminary tournament, which will begin on 24 February with 92 matches in each FIBA division.Preparations for the 2022 MEN’s and women’s UNDER-17 Basketball World Cups have also made new progress.The men’s basketball tournament will be held in Spain from July 2-10 and the women’s basketball tournament will be held in Hungary from July 9-17.The executive Committee also heard a report on the preparations for the 2022 FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup, fiBA’s flagship event for women’s basketball.Women’s Basketball Competition System After reviewing the current women’s basketball competition system, the Executive Committee accepted the recommendation of the Competition Committee to launch a new event as a qualifying tournament for the next World Cup or The next Olympic Games, in the view of providing an adequate number of competitions for national basketball associations.Starting in August 2024, the 16 highest-ranked teams (four from each conference) that did not qualify for the Women’s Basketball World Cup or Olympics will participate in the event, which is held every two years.The winner will qualify directly for the next Women’s Basketball World Cup or Olympic qualifying tournament.On the recommendation of the FIBA Competition Committee, in order to extend the gap between the last match day of the fiBA Basketball World Cup European Qualifying fourth window period 2023 and the first match day of the FIBA Euro 2022, the fourth window period will be moved up by one day.It will be played on August 24 to 25 (the first match day) and August 27 to 28 (the second match day).The change will help teams have at least three days off before the start of Euro 2022, which starts on September 1.The club Competition Committee received a report on the latest progress of the ongoing Championship Basketball League (BCL) and Championship Basketball of the Americas (BCLA).It also received an update on preparations for the upcoming fiBA Intercontinental Cup 2022, which will be held in Cairo, Africa from February 11-13.Following a spectacular draw held in front of Egypt’s Giza Plateau in January, this year’s Intercontinental Cup will be the first club level competition in basketball history to feature teams representing four different regional leagues, further enhancing the tournament’s unique trans-Atlantic status.2023-2027 cycle International Basketball League calendar executive committee approved the 2023-2027 cycle new calendar.Other matters Due to increasing responsibilities, FIBA Oceania Executive Director David Crocker was appointed chairman of the coordination Committee for the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup in 2020.Accordingly, the Executive Board has approved the appointment of Amanda Jenkins as acting Executive Director of FIBA Oceania.