Time to market exposure!Audi’s revamped A6L is expected to sell for 420,000 units

2022-08-24 0 By

Autocosmos has learned that Audi’s new A6L will be available in mid-May.As a mid-term model, the appearance of the new A6L does not change much, and it continues to provide a dual appearance design. The 2.0t high power engine on the new car is more powerful than the cash model.The price of the new A6L is expected to be between 420,000 and 430,000 yuan based on the price increase after the mid-term modification of A4L.The new A6L elegant intake grille continues to use the banner design, both sides of the air inlet, rear under the surrounding trim style for a new;The new dynamic model has been replaced with a dot-matrix intake grille, chrome streamers have been added to the side inlets, and the rear exhaust trim has been replaced with a more textured matte silver streamer.In addition, the new car may also launch a 30th anniversary model, is expected to be based on the current elegant model.Audi’s new A6L has the same body size as its current model.In terms of power, the 2.0t high power (45TFSI) model parameters of the new A6L are likely to be consistent with SAIC-Audi A7L, and it will continue to provide 2.0t low power (40TFSI) and 3.0T (55TFSI) models.The powertrain continues to match a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and some models offer Quattro drive.