Yi Ze E into the engine limited time discount 80 thousand welcome test drive

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As Toyota’s first pure electric SUV, no limit, green brand, free purchase tax, comprehensive discount up to 90,000 yuan, cash straight down 80,000 yuan, replacement can enjoy 10,000 yuan subsidy, enjoy the country supplement 18,000 (sales price for subsidies after the price).Financial policy: down as low as 50%, 0, 2 years more have a 15% down payment, 2-5 years low-interest policy, 60% down payment 2 years 0, 40% down payment 1 year zero coupon, additional loans, the free, easy credit, enjoy abundant credit, loan miho easy credit, easy to melt and other loan can be selected, state province loans of 2500 yuan, car let you worry and peace of mind, rest assured!Moreover, it has launched 8-year super long warranty of 200,000km three-power system, with high performance intelligent charging pile and free installation (within 30 meters), saving over 1000 yuan, free battery recovery, unlimited quick rescue (paid) when the power is insufficient, the latest launch of residual value guarantee of finance lease, to help new energy sales!Da Da FAW Toyota has a used car center certified by FAW Toyota manufacturers, with high price, high amount of replacement subsidies and fast update of indicators.At the same time to provide you with financial loans, vehicle boutique, one-stop licensing services, da Da Toyota staff are waiting for your visit, to the shop to talk about cheaper, the transaction price is lower than the network quotation!The promotion period is from February 04, 2022E· Zhizun version 253,800 yuan 8.00 yuan 173,800 yuan E· Zhizun version 237,800 yuan 157,800 yuan E· Zhihang version 225,800 yuan 145,800 yuan